The iPhone 4S Shifts 4 Million Units In 3 Days

The iPhone 4S Shifts 4 Million Units In 3 Days

The iPhone 4S Shifts 4 Million Units In 3 Days When people release sales figures, I often struggle to find perspective. Is it a success? Is this spin? But when you consider that sales of the iPhone 4S (four million units in three days) actually doubled sales of the iPhone 4 in a similar period — well, I think it’s safe to say things are pretty peachy for Apple.

“iPhone 4S is off to a great start with more than four million sold in its first weekend—the most ever for a phone and more than double the iPhone 4 launch during its first three days,” claimed Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “iPhone 4S is a hit with customers around the world, and together with iOS 5 and iCloud, is the best iPhone ever.”

I like the iPhone 4S, but after being constantly misunderstood by Siri, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading just for that feature. Then again, I am Scottish.

Still, it is a nice phone. And four million units is no joke.


    • There is a huge difference, faster dual core processor, way faster graphics, far better camera (8MP + f2.4 vs 5MP), video recording at 1080P instead of 720P etc. it is a new phone in the same case, which suits me fine, no need to have to buy a new case or accessories.

  • I honestly do not see the point in spending that much cash on essentially the same product you just wasted lots of cash on, and it only adds a few things.

    Sure, it’s faster, and you can talk to it, but apart from that it’s the EXACT SAME thing you bought before.

    4 million blind Apple sheep and counting.

    inb4 defensive whinge

    • Yeah dude, not everyone necessarily already had a iPhone 4, it’s kinda a stupid assumption if you think about it for a minute!

    • Yup the exact same thing I bought before.

      Aside from the bit where I, like many people who bought an iPhone 4S, do not own an iPhone 4.

      Not only that but the 4S is not the exact same thing as the 4. It’s a fairly reasonable spec bump. Maybe not enough to justify going from the 4 to the 4S but more than enough to justify skipping the 4 entirely and getting the 4S as an upgrade to a 3GS.

        • Yup. I’m being precious.

          Definitely not pointing out the gaping flaw in this claim that there are 4 million mindless sheep who have bought the latest Apple product simply because it is the latest Apple product.

          Here’s the problem with the whole Mac vs PC debate that pops up and is basically making an appearance here. Apple products do what I want them to do, so do Microsoft products and Android phones and anything else you care to think of in the similar field, but Apple products do those same functions in a way that I prefer.

          As a result, I tend to buy Apple products and am willing to pay a slight premium for them.

          So when I see someone saying “herp derp, ur dum 4 buying aple stuffs” I tend to get a bit tetchy because it’s quite clear that they’re taking potshots at a company because it’s the done thing to dislike what is popular and their relevant product knowledge tends to sit somewhere between “none” and “bugger all”.

          Continue with your dislike of Apple products but at least try to justify your opinion with something that isn’t on the same level as the retarded “one mouse button” bit that still crops up from time to time.

          • Well written, sir. I’m tired of hearing about how cool people think they are for boycotting apple products, and then go and pick up the latest iphone knock-off.

          • “Apple knock-off”? Oh please, as spoken like a true, blind fanboy.

            Android is a far better platform. We have a superior market share for a reason, scruffy.

            Though, I’m not going to blindly hate in return; I know better than that.

            I use an ipod touch (i won it, i’d never blow that much cash buying one), they’re fairly decent. The one thing I abhor about Apple is that, I don’t care how they try to justify it, they make you spend shitloads on what is effectively the same device. Look at it however you like; at the end of the day, it’s a barely-customisable mobile phone you pay an arm and a leg for.

          • Pariah, on behalf of most of the world: We dont care about ‘customizing’ our devices. We have neither the time nor the inclination.

            It blows my mind that people are so passionate about their ‘side’ that you use terms like “WE have a superior market share”. Do you work for Google?

            Android IS a better platform for people that are into the things that you are into. iOS is a better platform for offering a curated user experience. Different strokes, different folks.

          • Clearly iPhone owners do care about customising, since there is this hardcore jailbreaking community

            BTW I used to use a 3GS, so I’m not taking thru my ass or with hate. I’ve used the products, but don’t understand peoples absolute blind devotion to them.

          • 1. I wasn’t the one that posted that; learn to read.

            2. No, it’s much higher than that. Though the rest of the Apple sheep are as ignorant as can be, I’m not sure why you even bother. Go and continue buying a whole other device for what is still essentially small changes, while being heavily restricted to what you can and what you cannot do.

            I can’t wait until the iPhone 7 “introduces” revolutionary features such as:

            – the ability to use mp3s for ringtones
            – backgrounds that move with your menu tabs
            – the ability to keep app-related data on your iDevice after the app is deleted; Never lose that Angry Birds save, or your program settings again!
            – Adobe Flash!
            – iWidget, the New and “never before seen” addition to iOS 10.1 that lets small versions of apps run in the home and lock screen; now you can check the weather without opening up an app!

            Seriously buddy, go buy another phone. You’re being ripped off.

          • It’s not a case of wanting to customise your device. It’s a case of knowing that on Android, you are actually able to change what you want without a jailbreak or other besides the typical wallpaper.

            Even on every other platform, it’s Your device, so you can do with it what You want to. On an Apple device, if it’s not something They deem relevant, and their sheep (i.e. yourself) completely follow suit.

            I bet you, like the rest of the flock, were furious the rumoured iPhone 5 wasn’t announced, wasn’t happy about the mediocre additions, but bought the 4S Anyway. Upgraded from a 3GS, think the changes are massive? It’s faster, the screen looks better. Functions = same with a few Barely practical additions Apple deems “intuitive”.

          • Dude, why are you so concerned about having the ‘freedom’ to do what ‘you want’ with your phone? For people like you, there are fantastic android phones that let you get in and do whatever you want to every nuanced part of it, why worry about the people that don’t care about that?

            Also, its hardly a ‘rip off’ – What other option do I have for a phone that looks good?

          • Just about Every Android phone looks good. The iphone isn’t the be all and end all of beauty.

          • Somehow..I dont know why I get this feeling…but I suspect we have very different tastes in what looks good 😀 haha

  • As someone who just upgraded to a 4s from my dying 3gs, i can tell you, for me it is a MASSIVE upgrade. Better screen, better camera, infinity blade runs like a dream. Sure a lot of people upgraded from a 4 to a 4s, but a LOT of people were out of contract on dying 3gs’ just like me. So really, not that big a surprise.

  • I’ve got a dying 3GS too. It really sucks that they only make this technology last for 4-5 years (at most) when my very first Nokia mobile phone I bought when I was 13 (12 years old now) still works.

  • It just makes me laugh.. So many Apple fans were really disappointed when the 4$ was shown off, saying it wasn’t the iPhone5, rah rah, we expected more.

    And then they go and buy it anyway.

    Good job, Apple. You can give them mediocrity, and they’ll buy it anything. Good sheep.

    • Relax guy. People can spend money on whatever they want to. If it makes them happy, even if only fleetingly, what does it matter to you?

      Please let’s try not to turn Kotaku into yet another us vs them comments battleground, huh?

    • Noamuth, so very true.

      Apple rips consumers off with minor changes and their own “never before seen” features.

      Hmm.. Facetime. I think I’ve seen it before..known as “video calling” and you could do it without relying on wifi.

      • Yeah video calling was awesome, that one time that guy that worked for Telstra made one must have been exciting.

        FaceTime did what Apple always does, take an existing technology or concept and make it more enjoyable user experience. You consider redesigning user experience to be applying ‘minor changes’.

        • If you actually looked at the last few models, the changes are in fact minor. Better specs, one or two features between new models.

          FaceTime isn’t a step forwards, it’s a step backwards. Why? You’re forced to be constrained to a fast wifi network in order to use it. Where can you use it outside of the home or work? Nowhere.

          Video calling, however, isn’t constrained to only wifi. Sure, the quality isn’t as good, but it works in Far more places, and is much more practical.

          If you actually believe quality > function, you’re a terrible Apple sheep, and you’ll be laughed at by us.

          The rest of the world.

          • It’s a step forward for user experience, because when mum and dad call grandma, they have to be in wifi, and therefore it works, with perfect quality, everytime. Sure, personally I’d like the option to make shitty calls in bad 3G reception when I’m out and about, but I understand from a design and therefore business perspective why they have decided to not make that a possibility.

            Of course there is no way a rational discussion is going to happen in a forum where people like yourself call consumers ‘sheep’ haha so I’m not sure why I’m bothering

          • You miss the point. I never said that facetime had to be toned down to hell. All I said was that since there isn’t a video-chat variant you can use while only in 3G, the feature isn’t that innovative at all, since almost every other phone can do that Anywhere.

            When it really comes down to it, I’m sorry, but functionality > video quality. People never complain about the quality of webcam chats, and video calls are of identical quality. They work. in Far more places.

            If your definition of user experience is “Oh, I just saw something REALLY cool, I should Facetime and show them, but I’m not home and there’s no wifi around. Damn you iPhone!”, you’ve used an Apple product for too long.

          • Apple isn’t one to talk about business perspective, and nor are you if you have that logic. Apple’s devices have a limited feature list simply because they want to see how long their ignorant and blind fans can swallow their crap before they move elsewhere.

          • You’re right Pariah, what would the current most valuable company in the world know about business? Crazy.

          • markd I can assure you that both the death of Jobs and the fact that all of their devices cost an arm and a leg had something to do with that.

            All Apple know is to make their products physically frail, cost absolute shitloads and slowly include “revolutionary” stuff everyone else has had for ages, then hope their arrogant, and stupid, sheep will buy it all. Take the 4S for example. Nobody was happy about it, All of the sheep are buying it. Apple’s business decisions all play on people’s outright stupidity and nothing more.

          • The correct cost of something is the price at which you will make the most profit from selling it.

            Im endlessly fascinated at the rage nerds all over the world have for the price of Apple products. It’s weird how despite being able to buy a Commodore with twice the horsepower and half the cost, people keep buying Audis isn’t it?

  • I bet there are alot of mobile companies banging their head against the wall going WTF to those sales figures. These people will buy anything with an Apple logo on it. May aswell just stick an extra 512mb of RAM in the next model because the dumb shits will buy it anyway LOL.

    • Oh dear God. Imagine, just for a second, what it would be like if Capcom made phones.


      e.g. You’d need to purchase the DLC to be able to use the camera – even though the capability was already built into the phone.

  • Forget the Iphone 4S and it’s 4 million sales.
    I love being the one of the only people in Australia with a Nokia N900. I’m unique and special.

    I’ll get an Ipod touch for the apps and a Galaxy Tab for tabbing the galaxy.

    • “What? A product genuinely better than our iPad2 in Every concievable way?! Not on our watch! LAWYERS, ASSEMBLE!” – Apple

      • If you can’t rationally see the benefits of both the Tab and the iPad then you’re quite frankly an idiot fanboy of either one of them.

        • You say this as if ignorant that Apple banned the Tab for sale. Apple says breach of copyright. Everyone else says Samsung built a genuinely better device and Apple can’t play fair. Their reason? They’ll lose sales to the Tab. THAT’S THE ENTIRE POINT OF COMPETITION.

          If Apple made their products less restrictive they wouldn’t need to worry so much.

      • Yeah a history that started due to good marketing. Apple have rarely, if ever, actually surpassed the competition in specs and the ease-of-use thing is total bs as well. The most technology illiterate people I know all run Android phones and windows computers with no issues.

        It’s all in the marketing, man. That’s the only thing Apple are good at.

        • of course it is, that is why there are all those tablets with much higher specs with better battery life and just as many apps in a smaller thinner form factor than the ipad for heaps less money.
          Oh wait…

          I’m tired of seeing this argument, sure they are good at marketing, but their product design is excellent. I spend my life fixing windows laptops for people and software problems for them. When I send some over to an apple laptop, most of their hassles disappear. There are definitely ease of use advantages for apple, not just the OS itself, it is debateable whether it is any easier to use than windows 7 interface wise, but the lack of hassles generally with drivers, malware/antivirus programs etc. and the ilife suite built in and tightly integrated makes many noobs lives far less hassle. It may not be for the hard-core users, they love to tweak, but for a huge portion of the population these are well designed products that really suit their daily usage patterns well.

          • “but their product design is excellent”
            Sure it looks nice but the $4000 MBP I bought 4 years ago had to be fixed twice in the first year under warranty (the case bent where my hand rested over the cd tray), another time due to a faulty graphics card (for free after months of complaining) and finally the point where the power cable attaches to the laptop stopped working and Apple wouldn’t fix it for anything less than a cool $1900.

            And you can be sure I’ll try convince people out of Apple products every time.

          • I’m with you. If Macs were so genuinely superior, they wouldn’t have needed to switch to Intel processors, or add support for Windows programs and its OS.

            You’re better off with a Real PC/laptop Every time.

          • haha why on earth wouldn’t you allow windows to run on your hardware or to use the best chips available?

            re your little picture:

            1. One of them looks hideous
            2. I, and most people, never ever want to ‘upgrade’ our computer
            3. One of them can’t run OSX

          • First up, I said that “Apple rarely, if ever, surpass the competition in specs” not that competition constantly beats the specs of Apple products unless of course you want to talk the Motorola Xoom which price and specs wise is better.

            As for the “thin form factor” yeah that’s great, until you accidentally drop the thing. Hell even when iPods were bricks they still broke easier than anything else on the market.

            Plus, the only reason to ever switch a person who uses Windows pc/laptops to Apple is if they’re the same person who needs safety scissors and a child-proofed home for themselves. Plenty of people who aren’t hardcore PC users can manage just fine with a Windows PC, they just have to use their brains.

          • Specs are irrevelant, really. Many technology battles are won by the technologically inferior product. Betamax vs VHS, Game Boy vs Game Gear, and look how long it’s taken for the HD consoles to catch up to the Wii…

          • VHS offered better productions costs thus lower cost to consumers, game boy had better game library and like VHS was cheaper to work with, Wii catered to regular people and not just “core gamers”.

            What exactly do Apple offer other than status symbol? 😛

          • I’ve been an avid PC user until 2008 when a particular nasty trojan ruined my laptop and effectively killed it.
            Running close to a deadline I had to drive out a buy a replacement laptop and I decided to buy a mac because of the ‘no viruses’ myth.

            It was the best decision I’ve made.
            I buy Apple products based on two things, design aesthetics and usability.

            I actually like the user interface and user experience of OSX and iOS devices. I’m willing to pay a premium for these products because they do what I want them to do and they just work without the need to fiddle around with the programs.

            What I don’t appreciate and I think a lot of mac users would agree with me on this is that people have the need to label a mac user as stupid or a sheep because of a choice that we’ve made.

            I had an Samsung Nexus S prior to getting my Iphone4s.
            It was buggy, the user interface was inconsistent, it constantly crashed on me and everyone who knows me agreed that the auto correct system was hideous.
            Sure it allowed me to download mp3s directly to my phone, sure I could use it like a normal PC. But you know what? It did none on these functions well at all.

            If a phone cannot do SMS properly or have its keyboard pop up during an incoming call (effectively stopping me from picking up the all) then that phone is a useless phone.

            Apple has user experience and for the majority of users, the product just works.

          • YOU got a trojan on your computer. Your computer didn’t turn itself on and do something stupid. You did. Don’t blame the hardware for your mistakes. Same way you don’t blame your food for when you choke.

            Also, design aesthetics? You mean that cheap looking flimsy plastic and paper thin metal that has the almost zero durability? Yeah that’s a great sacrifice to make for shiny things.

            As for ease of use? That just comes down to the intelligence of the user in this modern day of computers and smart phones. That’s all.

            By the by, I laughed at the “autocorrect system was hideous” part. Can you tell me what phone all the autocorrect fail websites were made for?

          • I love the bit where you ignored all the other valid points and turned the entire debate into a ‘Mac users are stupid’ statement.

            I never blamed the hardware, I said the trojan killed my computer, I couldn’t fix it on time and so I CHOSE to try something else.

            Oh hey, here’s a news flash, just because other people get auto correct mistakes with their phone doesn’t mean I do and vice versa. I’m listening my reasons for deciding to get a iphone. I think that they are absolutely valid reasons for choosing what phone I want to use and not an indication of intelligence or lack of.

            Tell me why can I copy and paste by simply holding the screen on the text section of my android where as if I wanted to do the same in emails, I have to open two sub menus before I can do the same?
            That has nothing to do with intelligence of the user and just bad design.

          • in reply to SHL (for lack of a continuable reply chain)

            You still didn’t answer his question. If you so willingly claim other phones have such Horrible autocorrect systems in place, why are sites like damnyouautocorrect (has all phones but Primarily iPhone), or iPhowned around? Actually, go to them, look at the most recent 10 entries from all you can find, and tell me what device has the most entries.

          • Windows 7 takes about 20 minutes to install. do you live next to an Apple shop because I am trying to grasp how it was quicker to go and buy a macbook. If you already wanted a macbook then it makes sense but you can’t use that as an argument as to why Apple make better computers

          • @Chazz

            So you’re saying that all the auto correct errors that I had on my android doesn’t exist because there’s a lot more cases of iphone auto correct issues?

            Or that because the Nexus S received plenty of good reviews which means that I must like it?

            Look, I can navigate through an Android phone as well as any other guy. It’s the inconsistency that I don’t like. It’s the fact that my android was buggy as hell and kept crashing on me which I don’t like.
            The SMS to email point was to highlight the inconsistency of the OS.
            Just because it has xyz features doesn’t mean it executes those features well. I did not enjoy my stint with it and made a decision to buy a 4s for my next phone.
            At the end of the day it was a decision based on personal experience, I do not see why I need to be called a fanboy or isheep because of it.

            Also, the trojan issue stemmed from an office pc which had somehow been infected and spread to my pc. It’s the equivalent of food poisoning. I can blame the food for being off just like I can blame the anti virus protectors for not doing their job.

            @Wade I live 5 minutes away from my local Dick Smith and a friend working there who was willing to give it to me with a staff discount. I spent 3 hours before that trying to fix my pc and was frustrated enough that I made an impulse purchase, also this was before Windows & and XP had just come out.

          • No, I’m saying that you’re bringing up issues about your Nexus that your iPhone is also guilty of and that it’s idiotic to do so.

            I’m also saying that just because you had a few issus with ONE handset that writing off the entire platform is outright stupidity and that’s the nicest way to put it.

            Also, how did an office PC infect your personal laptop? Why was ONE issue enough for you to switch to Apple? Even with a staff discount you would’ve payed a lot more for what you got compared to it’s Windows equivalent.

          • Chazz, how on earth can having something that literally hundreds of millions of other people have an identical copy of, be a status symbol?

          • Same way a pair of Nike Airs were a status symbol in the 80’s and early 90’s.

            Same way having a luxury car is a status symbol.

            Just because lots of people have the same thing, it doesn’t change the fact that it can be a status symbol.

          • I think you guys exaggerate how much most people give two hoots about their phone. Most people don’t want to care about their phone or computer, they want to care less – they dont want to think about it, they dont like technology like most people on this site obviously do.

          • And people won’t think about it.. until they need to do something the iphone doesn’t have that everything does. At which point they’ll buy another phone.

  • Not to sound like a dick or anything, but I think the passing of Steve Jobs has a bit to do with it. In the same way as when a musician passes, sales of their albums goes though the roof (see Amy Winehouse recently) I see this as a very similar situation

    • Nah that doesn’t sound like a dick at all, I think that’s a logical thought. I agree, I think his passing has had a huge effect on the sales of this particular product.

      • Maybe he knew he was going to pass around this time and decided to release it around now because he thought of this?
        One final marketing ploy?

  • I am amazed the xperia play doesn’t sell more. It is greater than the Iphone 4S and every other phone out there.

    Sure they are not superior specs wise anymore but the buttons make the world of difference, doesn’t matter how good the processor is playing on a touchscreen sucks. That and it costs around 380 bucks which is just about half of what the other phones cost it has to be the best phone out there.

  • @SHL

    What other “valid points”? I skipped the opinion based stuff and went with what was left.

    Your laptop would not have needed a replacement if you could handle the internet.

    “Just because other people get auto correct mistakes with their phone…” blah blah blah. My apologies, I wasn’t aware that you can call out a phone for alleged autocorrect issues whilst the phone you now have is NOTORIOUS for the same thing so much so that several websites are constantly updated daily with new material regarding the issue.

    I also love how it’s gone from SMS being a pain to emails…chop and change, pick what you want hey?

    And cmon, the Nexus S actually received very good reviews, it’s only drawback noted across the board was the lack of 720p recording. It’s other flaws (lack of expandable memory and no HDMI-out) are things that iPhones STILL don’t have yet most Android phones do.

    And unless you were raised on Apple products and never touched anything else, there is no way one can say that an iPhone is easier to use than an Android phone. I can grab a mate’s iPhone and navigate it without issue, same as I can any Android phone I’ve used (keep in mind I’ve never owned any iPhone or Android phone and only ever had Nokia and LG). The menu systems on both platforms are ridiculously self-explanatory and logical. Neither one in that regard is better than the other.

    • Totally agree, iOS, WP7 and Droid are all equally great user interfaces. The user experience of the app store is the important difference.

  • I like it how Microsoft was gloating when Kinect became the fastest selling electronics device (beating the iPhone and iPad), and now that the 4S has demolished it, I haven’t read a single article comparing the sales.

    • I like how the Kinect has actually contributed to technological developments and advancements whereas the iPhone and iPad have just replicated such and claimed as their own.

        • Chazz and Pariah have the power of Kinect, they know exactly what the bottom of an avatar’s shoe looks like 😀

          Seriously though, how can you guys see the value in Kinect’s innovation in user experience, yet not understand why innovation in user experience drives Apple sales?

          • Innovation my rear-end.

            Innovation is where you do something new, that hasn’t been done before. Apple has done the same software stuff, with again what are effectively trivial additions, ELEVEN TIMES: Four iPod Touches, Five iPhones, and two iPads.

            When they only add shit nobody will use (a Compass? Really, Apple?), or that makes very little difference (On a screen that size, 1080p video looks no different to 720p video) (Infinity Blade is sure amaz–it’s a shiny tech demo showcasing UE3. Nothing more or less. Yes, I’ve played it, and I much prefer Chaos Rings. Speaking of which, I’d love to back that savedata up…oh, wait)

            Want More innovation? I give you Game Center. It has leaderboards, achievements…and it sounds Just like OpenFeint.

            Let’s look at iOS 4, launched in 2010; now includes multitasking! My old LG Renoir was made in 2008 and it can multitask better. Truly innovative!

            Lets look at the app store! Not even a quarter of the programs submitted are original! The ones that aren’t popular, are nigh-impossible to get to; hidden away in what is the search function.

            Lets look at the camera! It’s taken Five generations of iPhone to include an 8-megapixel camera, something my 2008 Renoir had.

            Price? Let’s make the iPhone far more expensive than it needs to be, because by that logic consumers will think it’s FAR better than other phones because we’ve dumbed down the interface and thrown some glass on its face!

            Honestly, I’ve never seen anything so truly Original and Innovative in my entire life!

          • But really, if all it takes for you to justify an expensive purchase is a faster processor and a new treat, Apple couldn’t possibly have picked a better slave (or millions of them).

            But by all means, continue pretending your device is truly amazing, unrestrictive, innovative and worth the high price.

          • Because I’ll be laughing at you while I’m using an Android device, showing you features I’ve got that you’ll restri–Sorry, I mean “revolutionise”.

          • iOS 5 “new” features:

            -You can set up your device without a PC! Now your iDevice, five generations in, can join EVERY OTHER PHONE IN THE WORLD.

            -Notifications are unified! (I wonder where that idea was from… I’ll figure it out after I check my Facebook)

            -Built-in IM; Apple’s feature-bare, restricted version of Meebo (available on everything and far superior)

            -Newsstand: An app to manage your in-app subscriptions that needed no extra help (and you were talking about finding things faster.. This is like classifying your desktop icons three folders thick)

            -A To-Do list! Brilliant! My $40 Telstra phone has that and a calander. Oh, and alarms and what every other phone has.
            -Twitter! Because Android has had it for AGES.
            – You can access your Camera from the lock screen! Now when I’m drunk, I’ll struggle even more to get to that damn phone book, due to where the icon is located.
            – editing and cropping photos! My Renoir had that in 2008.
            – the Browser how has an RSS reader! (looks at Renoir once again and sniggers)
            – You can now type with Bold, Italic and Underline fonts! I’ve never seen that on any other phone before! (back to Android)
            – Calander now works like every other calander.
            – Game Center has BRAND NEW features, such as the ability to use a profile picture. Discover games without leaving the app, and compete with achievement scores. OpenFeint has had all of those since before iOS4. The only new feature it has (unless it’s hiding somewhere in OF; wouldn’t surprise me)friend recommendations.

            – Syncing without a USB cable. You too can enjoy slow transfer speeds that will take all night and require you to consume more electricity in your home, power prices be damned!

            – the iPad 2 (and nothing else, not even the 4S) can swipe four fingers to open the multitask bar, because double-tapping the home button is far too intense on sheep limbs.

            – Display can be mirrored onto your TV via AirPlay; that feature only built into expensive AV systems (For once, an interesting feature; it’s a shame nobody but the rich will be able to use it, though, since airplay devices cost an arm and a leg and you can just play your media through other devices for Far less)

            Aside from Siri, iOS 5 adds essentially NOTHING original Or intuitive that anybody is able to access. Will you idiots ever learn?

          • Now, Kinect took something already in use (PS2’s Eye Toy, not the wii; Wii uses a controller and PS Move worked on that), and actually DID something with it.

            It can actually track the body, judge distance, etc. Original Eye Toy couldn’t do that. It’s a Real change, something that can be seen as an improvement in all fields.

          • I was more referring to the kinects use in medical technology and such not the user experience one gets playing a game with it.

          • Your thinking in these comments, Pariah, is why you will never be a designer of commercially successful products – you will be an angry tech hobbyist in an increasingly confusing world.

            I could painstaking go through your points, and point out why they make obvious business and design sense. I’m not quite sure why it makes you guys so agitated when a company (be it Apple or Samsung or anyone else) makes a concrete design decision about a product.

            In the last 3 days I’ve seen someone buy an iPhone because they liked how it felt in their hand, and I’ve seen someone buy an iPad because they could use airplay to put ABC tv shows on their tv. These things must infuriate you! 😀

          • I’m not infuriated in the slightest, and no, they do Not make design sense, adding features that everything else has had for many years. Tell me, markd, what design sense is there in waiting years to introduce a To Do list app that should have been included in the very first model? Where is the busniess sense there? There isn’t any, at all.

            Where is business and design sense where PC-free setup has finally been added, where, again, it should have been there from the start? The vast majority of the additions are nothing new; they haven’t been improved at all. If anything, iDevices are very late to the party in terms of most features.

            Someone bought an iPhone Just because of the way it felt in their hand, and someone bought an iPad just because they don’t know how to use Real ABC? I’m not infuriated, and I’m not surprised; those are mindless Apple consumers after all, and it explains clearly how Apple could ever get so many sales. Smart people know better.

          • It’s not about my capability to design anything markd, it’s simple comparison a child can do.

            By all means, do go through my points. I got the iOS5 features straight from the Apple website, and compared them to things already on the market, and I’ve pointed out why almost none of them are Innovative or Original. iPhone isn’t innovative anymore; it’s app store is mostly a Chinese market; one or two ok things, and the rest are badly made and obvious ripoffs of the good ones.

            Figured you’d know that if you moved past the top 25 in each catagory.

            Any problems you’ve pointed out (for instance, autocorrect) on Android are also on iPhone, so that’s a pretty stupid reason to switch when the problem is still there. My ipod (not jailbroken) tends to crash back to the menu fairly often, an issue I haven’t encountered on anything else.

          • Okay, take your PC-free setup point. By forcing people to go through iTunes on their computer, a device most people were more familiar and comfortable with making purchases on, it encouraged people to enter their credit card details right then and there not on the portable device itself – which is a fantastic way to then have one tap purchasing at point of sale. Now that both iCloud exists and people are generally more comfortable with setting up purchasing through the portable device itself, they’ve moved on.

            What is “Real ABC?”.

            Don’t worry I’m well down with the details of the various app stores, It’s from app sales on iOS and Droid stores that I have the time to sit here and waste time typing this 😀

          • “Real ABC” is simply the television channel ABC. You may not be aware but that still exists. People are just wasting lots of money without thinking there.

            Either way, payment details are entered into an account once. If a device has a good interface (so, every single one), it doesn’t matter where the details are entered. Ultimately, the result is the same.

            And it’s funny, you’re talking like since PC-free on iOS came into play, everything else was chained to PC too, which was not the case. Android devices have had the convenience you’re talking about, and they’ve had it for far longer.

            iCloud = the last cloud platform to come out. Microsoft, Steam, Dropbox and many others have long since beaten Apple to that; It’s not innovative in the slightest.

          • Ah yes but there is a thing called time, so for example if I want to watch last Thursday’s Q&A right now, and it is not last Thursday right now, then its iView or the DeLorean.

            Haha are you seriously paying out the ABC?!

            Of course Droid devices have always had that system. I suspect you’re the kind of person that thinks being able to directly copy media files to your phone is ‘convenience’?

            I wouldnt say that anything about iCloud is innovative, it’s just the next logical step.

          • You can get iView on almost everything; PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360 and ios. the fact that you’r go to such trouble to stream it to your TV is just plain stupid.

            Re droid, It’s more essential than convenient. Eventually Apple will decide to stop making an ipod sync to only one computer and you’ll be saying how it’s convenient when everything else has been as unrestrictive for ages.

            You can try to argue this all day, but it ultimately falls to this; Android is more advanced, has more features and isn’t any more difficult to use. iOS is much more restrictive, everything costs far more, and Apple is always pretending it’s ahead of the competition when most of the time it’s far, far behind. That’s how it’s always been, and I’ve proved that. Good day to you, sir.

          • See this is where you’re not thinking correctly. You probably have a computer you like to use. You probably have a PS3 or a 360. Personally, I use iView on my ps3. In the case of the person I was referring to before, you’d have to pay her a hundred bucks to even pick up a console controller and navigate iView on a PS3. She wants the lack of trouble – pick up ipad on coffee table, press iview button, tv starts playing it. Done. The cost of an iPad and AppleTV are not important to her, or millions of others like her.

            Ultimately it falls to this, people who aren’t interested in technology will continue using Apple products, people really into it will love Android, and we will all be happy – though for some reason people like you will be slightly unhappy and continue calling everyone that doesn’t care about tech ‘sheep’, but thats okay, noone really cares 😀

  • after reading this page i think i’ve figured out what annoys me about people buying Apple’s products, and it’s not because it’s apple, or even because of the money wasted/innovation arguments, it’s because of the people saying “you just don’t get it, people don’t WANT options, they want simplicity and ease of use”.
    At first this made sense to me, but then, why are we becoming so complacent that nobody can be fucked using their brains anymore? Paying a premium for a more robust/secure/faster product is fine and good, but it takes so much focus away from the rest of the market. Apple might not have a monopoly on the market, but they are close, and in the eyes of many they seem to be the obvious choice. I guess it’s the big guy taking over, and the little guy (who works harder and deserves more attention!) getting the shaft, just because apple products hold your hand/rip off other ideas after they have been out long enough to improve on them in insignificant ways.

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