The New Nintendo 3DS Is As Cold As Ice

Ice Ice white baby. According to Vooks, the latest colour being plastered onto the struggling 3DS in Japan is 'Ice White' — and we reckon it looks pretty spiffy.

It launches in Japan on November 3. No word on whether it'll arrive in Australia, but our guess is it will at some point in the future.

Typically new colours herald a sales spike with Nintendo handhelds - it'll be interesting to see if this affects things for the ailing handheld.

Nintendo 3DS goes Ice White in Japan this November [Vooks]


    Looks good. If I was to buy one, it would be that color.

    How about bringing out the version with 2 sticks, this is why Nintendo fail

      The second stick is a peripheral to be sold and/or used with certain games. Like the Guitar Hero grip for the original DS.

        wasn't there confirmation they were building one with 2 sticks built in aswell?

          nope - pretty sure there wasn't

            Though in hindsight they probably should :/

    At least it won't show the dust as bad Mark ;)

    Yeah.. i don't know.. it looks ok and all, just white gets dirty so easily... and you can't win either way.
    If it's matte, it picks up all sorts of dirt and goes black
    If it's gloss, if goes that yucky yellow color..

    The 3DS seems to be doing a lot better now that the price isn't so high. I think this will last them through until half way through next year when they bring in the 2-stick version.

    That gives them 6 months of good sales before Christmas, where they can do a smallish pricedrop and reinvigorate sales for 6 more months.

    That actually looks really cool. So that's 5 colours of 3DS (in Japan) now, right?

    It's weird that things like this produce sales spikes though. I wouldn't have thought it would be that important to most people. :P D: daymn nintendo.

    Now just add another stick to it and I'm sold.


    oh for the love of god!
    Instead of Redesigning the stupid thing, and bringing out useless peripherals.. HOW ABOUT GAMES!? GOD Nintendo THIS IS WHY YOU FAIL!

      Ermm... they've listed quite a crapload of games coming out between now and Christmas... and then some more mid through next year during TGS.

      Or are u just whining for the sake of whining now?

        Name Them Smart arse, besides Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart, and Luigi's Mansion.

        And monster Hunter dosen't count. 'cos it's a terrible video game series.

    I dont know how anyone can get excited about a handheld console. Maybe the new color will make people forget there are no good games.

    Damn. I for sure would have got a white 3DS if they were available at launch... Maybe if we eventually see a new model I will definitely be getting white!!!

    It took them that long to make a color (besides Cosmo Black) that goes with the GRAY circle pad? the colored stick was so much better...

    YOU CAN PUT LIPSTICK ON A PIG, BUUUUT... IT'S STILL A PIG. [and not the good muchimuchi pork one either]

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