The Newest Dreamcast/Neo-Geo Game Mashes Metroid With A Commodore 64 Classic

It's been out of production for years but garage coders and hardcore fans of the Dreamcast have been keeping it alive with fresh content and inventive hacks. The latest example of the former comes from German studio NG:DEV.TEAM in the form of Gunlord. The side-scrolling shooter appears to show the influence of the old-school Commodore 64 classic Turrican and Nintendo's Metroid franchise. It's funny how a graphical and presentational style can evoke memories of a time and place. For me, watching this video reminds me of studying for the SATs and desperately waiting for acceptance letters for the various colleges that I'd applied to.

NG:DEV.TEAM's offering the game in a few fancy editions, too, if you're someone who wants their game to come into your home looking as snazzy as possible. And if you're someone who's taking tender loving care of their Dreamcast, then you probably are exactly that kind of person.

Gunlord Trailer [NG:DEV.TEAM]


    Wow. Environments look veeery nice! Will pick that up for sure

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