The Only Way To Get A Male Gamer To Do The Housework...

ElMangosto's special lady certainly knows the way to get him to pull his weight around the house: Dead Island and boobs.

If it doesn't look entirely familiar to you, this chores list is built like the quest screens from recent zombie paradise death simulator Dead Island.

Well, except for one of those payoffs.

Crecente reviewed Dead Island last month, and thought it was pretty good!

She's Got me Figured Out [Reddit]


    This is great :)

    Okay I'm officially jealous and want a girlfriend who thinks like this

      I thought the same thing. Dig that chick's humour.

    If there's one thing I do not want, it is gamification in my marriage :(

    time wasted making list could've been better used doing it her damn self.

      I Completely Agree.

      But remember she isnt allowed to leave the kitchen

    He should install the Hot Coffee mod

      No it will get censored.

    I thought the vague promise of phisical contact was enough!!

    aaaahahah that is amazing lucky guy

    This sparks of something that my missus would do.

    Great stuff, 10/10!

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