The PlayStation Vita Has A 3G Download Cap In The US, Too

The PlayStation Vita Has A 3G Download Cap In The US, Too

Just like Japan, in the US there’ll be a 20MB download limit attached to the 3G version of the PlayStation Vita, Sony announced yesterday.

The limit of course only applies to data being downloaded over a 3G network; if you’re downloading via wi-fi, on either the 3G or wi-fi-only models of the Vita, you can grab bits and bytes to your heart’s content.

Interestingly, Sony explains that the limit has nothing to do with the hardware of the Vita. It’s instead a limitation on AT&T’s part, the Vita’s exclusive mobile carrier not allowing 3G downloads any bigger than 20MB on any handheld devices on its network.

PS Vita 3G 20MB download cap confirmed [GameSpot]


    • I still laugh anytime i see that announcement. Almost as bad as if Telstra was announced as the exclusive Australian carrier.

      So why would anyone in their right mind buy a 3G model that is dearer when you are not going to be able to download (i imagine) the majority of games from the PS Vita’s online shop?

      • Except Telstra has the superior network by far in Australia in terms of quality and coverage. I say this from experience having been with all the networks at various points and being very impressed with Telstra’s no matter where I go.

        In fact, if you have two smart phones to work with, you can set up personal WiFi hotspots and see that their network is more than capable of serving up 100MB+ files!

        By comparison, AT&T was named “the worst wireless provider in the country” at the end of 2010.

        • Yup Telstra actually provides decent Coverage and quality of connection.

          While AT&T simply boast’s the most coverage(well it did last i checked) but generally speaking the smaller cellular companies provide better quality connection for their respective coverage area’s.

      • i have been with telstra for something like 10 years, and in that time i have heard so many people complain about connection dropouts and unstable speeds from other companies. I can’t remember a time when my connection dropped randomly, it just doesnt happen with telstra, and they have good deals for long time customers, and if you get a bundle its not too expensive.

    • I don’t remember anyone there finding it funny.
      I do remember hearing some boos though.

      Seriously, didn’t they learn anything off Apple?

      • Everyone in the audience at E3 were booing.

        Everyone at home watching the stream were laughing at the booing 😛

    • It isn’t like they have much of a choice over in the US. If you’ve built a device for HSPA/UMTS 3G data access, you’ve automatically excluded all the CDMA networks.

      The only major national networks left are AT&T and T-Mobile. And AT&T is in the process of purchasing T-Mobile’s US operation.

      So it would have been surprising if Sony didn’t pick AT&T.

  • This move actually does make some sense.

    One would assume it is a download limit of 20mb, not a “online gaming” limit.

    It would be fair to guess most PSV games are going to be 2GB in size (being a bit larger then a PSP UMD). Every cellphone network has a finite amount of capacity relative to number of users connected, what they’re doing and how much back-end the telco has installed.

    Peoples biggest complaints with most 3G networks was as the popularity of data usage increased, speeds got worse. If you were to suddenly dump a large amount more devices on a network, downloading GB type files speeds will drop.

    It has merit to limit someone from being able to do this, therefore free-ing up more bandwidth for actual gaming. It certainly isn’t perfect, but at this point and with 3G based technology it is practicable.

    Hey we can hope with migration to 4G networks and further updates this will change in the future.

    • Im pretty sure online gaming will consist of downloading and uploading data. I really dont think they will be telling the difference.

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