The StarCraft MMO Is Coming Along Nicely

The StarCraft MMO Is Coming Along Nicely

It’s been a while since we saw how the fan-made MMO built on the bones of StarCraft II is looking. So let’s take a look!

Yup. Looking great.

Admittedly, as a man who finds the prospect of playing a traditional MMO as exciting as watching paint… just sit there, on the wall, I love what’s being done here. This is a real-time strategy game that’s being turned into a multiplayer role-playing title. By fans.

Those interested in the game in a more hands-on sense, you’ll be able to play it later today, as it pops up on (it’s technically a custom game of SCII, not a standalone entity) until the end of the month.

StarCraft Universe Open Developer Preview Launches the 19th! [SCU, via Dtoid]


  • Sure it’s online, but is it Massively Multiplayer?

    I don’t think so… and RPG custom maps have been around for a while, right? Still, I’m sure that Blizz have considered using the SC universe for an MMO of some kind.

    Perhaps we’ll see the first AAA MMORTS?

  • Its a co-op map done in the style of mmorpg play, which lets face it. Usually doesn’t involve massive amounts of players but a handful while you go off in some corner of the map to quest, or into someinstance to pve / pvp together.

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