The Truth About Cliff Bleszinski 4.0

Ever wondered what Cliff Bleszinski is made of? Titanium and ceramic, according to G4's X-Play "investigation" into the man who we know as CliffyB. The investigation also reveals that the design director of Epic Games is a robot who undergoes regular upgrades. Well, that explains a few things.

X-Play Investigates: The Cliff Bleszinski Project [G4]


    Really... I mean I'm not going to watch the vid. But look at what loads up. Are gamers really that shallow that all we need to look at is....

    Ah screw it. Bewbs.

      Unfortunately that's the default display image. :-/ It only appears to display like that if you use the embed code.

      Updated so that people aren't bombarded with boobs on the home page. Yay!

        Naww. Thank's Tracey. I didn't mind. I blame cliff being a robot and all.

    If he underwent regular upgrades, why is he so short?

      For a good centre of gravity -- makes it harder to knock him over.:P

        I'm suddenly imagining one of those creepy dolls from my childhood with the rounded bases that wouldn't fall over, no matter what you did to them. Only with cliffyb's face. Plotting the demise of humanity.

    That was surprisingly amusing :)

    But honestly, who is that girl in the red dress and where was Cliff at? Awards ceremony?

      Were you listening to me, Cliffy? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress? Look again.

    I miss good ol' X-Play when it was on Tech TV.

    if only they used clarence's best line in the orignal film... "bitches leave...."

    No wonder his games are so terrible and generic; robots can't feel emotion. This all make sense now.

      Explains the terrible AI that by the third game, they still haven't improved on whatsoever.

    It makes me feel incredibly old as a gamer when I still know where my One Must Fall and Jazz Jackrabbit games are...

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