The Ultimate Edition Of Diablo III Is Stuffed, Probably Expensive

Revealed at Blizzcon today, this is the Ultimate Edition of Diablo III, which includes the game, collectibles, copies of the older Diablos, a fake skull (!) and more.

We have no release date or price yet. Sorry!


    That my good sir, will be very, expensive

    4GB soulstone!!

      Pffft. Only 4 gig? Well, I guess you could trap one of the *lesser* evils in there.

    Pretty underwhelming.


      Yeah, I'm mature :P

    wowzers batman! guess i'm going to have to preorder...

    Wasn't going to buy it because of the online-only DRM anyway, but glad I'm not missing much.

    The skull looks cool and having an artbook is nice but knowing Blizzard the skull will be made from the cheapest, flimsiest material and the artbook probably won't be anything but sketches from the WoW squad.

    Already preordered from eb games :D wooot

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