The Voice Actors Of Batman: Arkham City, Unmasked

The Voice Actors Of Batman: Arkham City, Unmasked

Good gravy does Batman: Arkham City have some fine voice-acting. Almost every character in the game, from the biggest crime bosses to the littlest thugs, is played by an actor who delivers his or her lines with gusto and energy. It goes such a long way towards making Arkham City feel vital and believable, and towards making Arkham City the terrific experience that it is.

The cast of Arkham Asylum was top-notch, and many of the actors from that game return to reprise their roles in the sequel. But with such a fleshed-out rogues’ gallery, there are a lot of new faces, as well. I thought it’d be fun to turn to Arkham City‘s IMDb page and put faces with voices. I left out any characters whose appearance comes as a surprise–these are just the folks that most people already know about.



Kevin Conroy as the Batman

What more is there to say about Conroy? Reprising the role he’s played so well in numerous Batman outings, from The Animated Series to Arkham Asylum, Conroy continues to kill it as the Caped Crusader, effortlessly conveying Batman’s psychotic determination to triumph over evil, even in the face of his own destruction. Be sure to check out our own Evan Narcisse’s interview with Conroy from last week’s Comic-con.


Troy Baker as Two-Face

Baker is becoming something of a known quantity in video game voice-acting, playing Vincent in this year’s Catherine and more notably, playing the protagonist, DeWitt, in next year’s highly anticipated Bioshock: Infinite. I chatted with Baker some at PAX, and he is a totally cool dude, clearly into games, how they’re made, and how acting can make them better. Check out him and his Infinite costar Courtnee Draper as they get really super into capturing a particularly emotional take for Bioshock: Infinte.


Stana Katic as Talia al Ghul

Katic is well known for her role as Kate Beckett in Castle (in which she acts alongside geek hero Nathan Fillion), and brings some nice gravitas to her part as Batman’s occasional love-interest-slash-super-challenging-megalomanic Talia al Ghul.


Mark Hamill as The Joker

Doubtless the most talked-about performance in the game (and perhaps in gaming), Hamill goes to town on his part as The Joker with terrible gusto. What a performance. And it sounds like it may well be the last time he takes up the Joker’s mantle. If it is, what a note to go out on.


Corey Burton as Hugo Strange

I can’t quite figure out why there aren’t any good pictures of Mr. Burton out there, but every search turns up the same couple of headshots. Anyhow, when I hear Strange’s calculated, menacing voice, I don’t really picture this guy, but there you go. Voice acting!


Wally Wingert as The Riddler

Wingert is another old voice-acting pro, doing voices for a number of recent games. But my favourite role of his has got to be Rufus in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Ruuufus! Oh wait, that’s the wrong movie.


Tasia Valenza as Poison Ivy

Ivy makes a limited appearance in Arkham City, but Tacia Valenza reprises her role from Arkham City with flair.


Danny Jacobs as Victor Zsaz

Jacobs might give my single favourite performance in the game, in a different kind of role that plays itself out over the course of Arkham City‘s story. I always liked Zsaz, one of the more jacked-up villains in the Batman universe, and I wanted to see more of him in Arkham City. Got my wish!


Grey DeLisle as Catwoman

A singer and voice-actress, Grey DeLisle does a fantastic job playing the sultry, vengeful, borderline psychotic feline ninja Catwoman.


Jim Piddock as Alfred and Calendar Man

Well there’s an unusual role-pairing. Alfred appears in the game only over Batman’s earpiece, but it’s still nice to hear the crotchety old guy on the other end of the line. Calendar Man, however, is in the game, and is tied to a tricky achievement, too. Jim Piddock is something of a Hey! It’s That Guy, mainly due to his appearance in Christopher Guests’ films like A Mighty Wind and as the commentator in Best in Show.


Maurice LaMarche as Mr. Freeze

LaMarche brings a great solemnness to his performance as Mr. Freeze, one of my personal favourite Batman characters. Nice to see him in the game without getting lost in the shuffle among all the other super-villains.


Tom Kane as Commissioner Gordon and MayorQuincy Sharp

With a more limited role in this game than he had in Arkham Asylum, Kane still brings a good amount of desperate gravitas to his performance as Gotham City mayor Quincy Sharp.


Tara Strong as Harley Quinn

Another of the most enjoyable performances in the game, Strong runs the gamut from angry to tragic to sad to turned-on, lavishing each line in Harley’s trademark ridiculous accent.


Nolan North as The Penguin

This one came as a surprise, given how Mr. North has been typecast in the eyes of many as Uncharted‘s Nathan Drake, or at least, a “Nathan Drake-Type.” He is all but unrecognizable in his role as Penguin, re-imagining Oswald Cobblepot as a savage cockney street thug with a Bat-sized bone to pick.


  • I’ve been impressed by Nolan’s effort as Penguin, from the second he’s introduced to the fight against Penguin he put together a great preformance.

    I also feel that LaMarche is pretty darn spot on with Freeze, his voicework alone made the guy feel like a genuine threat and more than makes up for Arnie’s effort in the movies.

    DeLisle does a great job with Catwoman, despite the couple of minutes she’s been in the game (Darn WB and their stuffed up DLC codes not working!) and that preformance alone sold me on her character.

  • I agree with Ben – Nolan North is unrecognisable as Penguin (in a good way). I take the author’s point that North seems to have been typecast as the Harrison Ford of recent video games: whether he’s Desmond Miles or Nathan Drake, he seems to embody white male protagonist better than anybody else on the scene. But when I heard his take on Penguin in this game, I had to double take and check again that it was really him. He’s a talented guy. Some people said his cockney accent skews Australian at some points, but I’m Australian and I never noticed. I just thought it was a fine performance.

    • I’ve always thought of the Penguin having a faux-British voice, as if he’s aspiring to be a man of class. Rocksteady and Nolan North took it in a bit of a different direction, and I think it works fantastically for the Akrham continuity they’re establishing. With the voice work, and the glass-bottle monocle, Penguin comes off more as a parody of the upper class rather than an aspirant.

  • Nolan North is amazing as The Penguin. And that broken-glass-bottle monacle imedded in his skull is the creepy icing on the cake.

  • I think Nolan North is actually underrated as a voice actor. By players at least.

    People complain that he shows up in everything and sounds the same, but that’s not entirely his fault. He has a pretty good range.

    I saw an interview with him about Prince of Persia, and he said that he tried changing his voice and the voice directors asked him not to. They hired him because they wanted him to sound like Nolan North.

    I would imagine that this happens to actors pretty regularly. No one would hire Christopher Walken because they wanted a South African sounding character.

  • Tara Strong was great in this game, but now I can’t watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic anymore without yelling ‘LOOK OUT FLUTTERSHY, TWILIGHT IS A BATMAN VILLAIN!’

  • I was going to be very disappointed if Nolan North didn’t show up somewhere. Even if I’m joking about him being in a game it usually turns out that he is.

  • Don’t forget Kevin Conroy is at this years armageddon expo (loved his recent work as Captain Sunhine in Venture Brothers Season 4)

  • Try as I might, I simply CANNOT picture Joker’s voice coming out of Luke Skywalker’s mouth. I’m astounded at how great he is. Nolan North was amazingly great. It’s good that now he can silence the critics of his supposed lack of vocal range. I also love Corey Burton’s disturbingly hypnotic Chrisopher Lee voice.

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