The Wii U At E3 2012 Will Be The Finished Product

The Wii U At E3 2012 Will Be The Finished Product

Even though Nintendo’s new Wii U was playable at this year’s E3, the console wasn’t exactly looking its best. Control pads were tethered, and most demo units were hollow cases, the games actually being played on dev kits. There’s even the possibility that the design we saw at the show won’t be what the Wii U looks like when it’s released.

By E3 next year, though, the console should be good to go. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said, “We would like to show the final format of the Wii U at the E3 show next year”.

“As we learned a bitter lesson with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, we are trying to take every possible measure so that the Wii U will have a successful launch.”

Interesting statement. Here’s how I read it: you won’t be getting the Wii U until after E3, because you won’t be getting it until there’s enough decent games available so people actually want to buy it. That’s how you learn from a bitter lesson!

Semi-Annual Financial Results Briefing [Nintendo]


  • more like…

    you won’t be getting the Wii U until after E3, because you won’t be getting it until there’s enough decent games available so people actually want to buy it. You wont be able to play games online with friends without friend codes, you wont have any decent downloadable games that arent from a back catalogue to squeeze more money out of you, you wont have a a+ title because we are still trying to squeeze wii sales and saving zelda and mario for a decaying platform

    or did i read into that a little too much?

    • Decaying platform? The Wii still sold more console then either competing console and is still the No1 selling console this generation. Also it has sold more software units too. Sure its recent sales are dwindling but it had almost 4 solid years of massive profits that both competing companies could only dream of. They still have to make software for the Wii because there are tens of millions of them out there, besides if they didnt make games for the Wii then there would be people whinging Nintendo doesnt make games for their console.

      As for AAA games for the Wii U, Im sure when we get closer to the Wii U’s release we will know exactly what AAA titles from their portfolio of games they have, but knowing their misteps with the 3DS they will be putting their best console selling assets to bear. Since there is no known console coming out to compete they can take a little more time to get things right (Compared to 3DS and Vita)

      Squeeze money out of people? Um all
      companies do that, what now its wrong because Nintendo does it? Maybe their downloadable catalogue is made up of old games but hey, you dont have to buy it. Why should you stop other gamers buying it? If no one wants them, they dont sell its not that hard. Since people buy them well Nintendo sells them. Easy.

      Finally if you read the latest reports regarding Wii U’s online Friends codes have been ditched, however there is nothing concrete yet so your bitching can wait till we have the Facts.

        • I read this as “I’m an idiot who thinks “trolling” is an actual thing and not just me being an arsehole”

          • Its called 2 sides of the same coin. This person has his spin on the same facts. I have mine. I dont think i insulted him by it nor did i raise any false claims. Of course so called ‘trolls’ exist, (assuming this person is a troll) but i think answering to their comments with facts and reason is the best way instead of leaving them leave what i feel is inaccurate comments. Nothing wrong with setting the record straight or to give another opinion now is there?

        • Dont feed the trolls argument? Get a life? Really? so people with opinions (backed up by facts) should keep quiet whilst misinformation and one sided comments are made under the people should get a life or dont feed the trolls premise? Is that how weak arguments people make these days or do they think that they simply say nonsense and no one can say a darn thing? Hey you can do that, but not on a public website. How about that for a leason. If you put something on a public discussion website you better be prepared to back it up.

    • yeah Simon I agree with your commen. Nintendo were supposed to have learned their lesson before the 3DS launch and still they managed to screw it up. It’s a poor excuse to delay the unit, on their part.

  • if it is in its final form for next years E3, they may as well scrap it now. If reports are correct, the prototypes and designs of the 720 and ps4 may be announced at the same E3, and undoubtedly if they do, it will blow the WiiU out of the water.

    • I agree, it’s more important to play console specs than console games.

      Also the PS3 and 360 are more powerful than the Wii, and as you can see the Wii has had the least success this gen out of the three consoles.

      I think Nintendo should just stop making consoles and games, don’t you agree monkeyd_93?

      • I wish people like you would look at gaming as a whole, not just the ‘AAA’ titles that are limited to the Xbox and Ps3 as ‘games’. The Wii was THE most successful console, perhaps not with diehard gamers, but in general. And at the end of the day, nintendo has always been a pretty family friendly and accessible company

    • Do we have any solid information when the ps4 or xbox720 will be released other then rumours? No so lets wait till we get some solid news or atleast a confirmation that they will be releasing a console ok.

      Second. How will these supposed consoles blow the Wii U away? Graphics? Lets look at history, the Wii lost the graphics war before it started, and it still won the console wars over ps3 and 360.

      Ok we know that because the ps4 and 720 will have better hardware because they have been released later how exactly does that blow away the Wii U? The Wii U’s hardware should EASILY do the current TV standard that most people have in their homes – 1080p. Its likely that will remain the standard for atleast the next 3-5 years. That leaves me to ask, what will the ps4 and 720 do over that? It may do the next resolution up 2100p or something like that, but that wont sell consoles because hardly anyone will have that, so what then? Anti Aliasing? Anisotropic filtering, tessellation? Most people woulding even notice these feature , so its hardly something that would ‘blow’ the Wii U away.

      Finally we have the cost. If you did your research you would find out that sony and microsoft in their attempts to make an Uber console (which the ps3 and 360 were in their day) lost them billions of dollars, and has only recently over 5 years later started to make them profit. Microsoft is still paying off the massive debts the xbox brand cost them over its life time and the ps3 almost completely wiped away the profits of ps1 and ps2. After all that creating an Uber console and investing billions, neither console came first (ie no.1 selling) nor sold the most software, nor made profits to not only pay off the debts they incurred to make the consoles but to make enough money to pay off the R&D and marketing for the successor console, which as you might know aint cheap.
      If both sony and microsoft wanted to go Uber console again they also have no guarantee that going that way will lead to success, as the past has shown, best graphics does not equal 1st place.

      Besides there is no chance for consoles to ever have the graphics crown, PC has that now and will never let that go.

      So i ask you, were is this blowing away business you speak of and how will it be achieved??

  • You’re both wrong. The Wii was certainly a financial success. However, from a gaming perspective I think that many people have been burnt pretty badly. The lack of third party support, its lack of horsepower, and the difficulty for even Nintendo to make use of their own technology (is it just me, or is Zelda going to be the only serious game Nintendo will develop for the motionplus?): there is disappointment all around, and the wonderful launch that was the 3DS doesn’t help in lighting the mood.

    I think it’s far too early to judge whether or not the Wii-U will be a success of failure. It will hinge on two factors though: the time that Sony and Microsoft take in releasing their new consoles, and if the Wii-U can prove that motion control has a genuine place in gaming.

    • From a gaming perspective it was perfect. It showed that a game doesn’t need a solid 12-50 hour campaign and AAA graphics to get a 100+ hours of fun and enjoyment out of a game overall.

    • If call of duty has taught me anything about gamers (especially those on the internet) people will cry and moan and say its the same game re-skinned year after year, but when it comes to release time for the game they will happily line up with everyone else and fork over their cash.

      If Nintendo don’t mess up like they did with the 3DS launch (which is now having a stronger first year than the DS did) then they should do well regardless of what Microsoft and Sony bring out.

      But in the end its all about the games and each console offers unique experiences and that’s what counts.

    • The hardcore practically deserted Nintendo since the N64. Nintendo created the Wii to look for new audiences and succeeded. If they didnt they would have faded into obscurity.

      The Wii U console now has the standard TV resolution (1080p), and interesting new controller, brand recognition, no known competition, one of the best developers in the int industry and plenty of money to throw around to make it a success. Nintendo have a chance to get the hardcore back. They just need to get enough console selling software out at launch. I dont know how they will do that but if they can make a Wii Sports for the Wii U (and i dont mean make a Wii U version i mean make a game that sells the features of the Wii U that the Wii Sports did for the Wii) plus some solid third party titles, then i dont see why the Wii U wont be a huge success.

  • I dont see money/sales having much to do with the quality of a console – its all about the games. Some of my greatest gaming experiences were on the Gamecube & Dreamcast and they were commercial failures…

  • I have a Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3. If the Nintendo Wii had the AAA title support and HD graphics I probably would never had bought an Xbox 360. IMHO all Nintendo need to concentrate on is these two things and let the innovation flow as they always have.

  • I think the Wii U actually has a lot of potential for success by only being slightly more powerful than the current generation. It took a while for developers and publishers to hit their stride with the 360, and even more so the PS3, and I get the feeling they aren’t ready to throw away and start from scratch again yet. For Nintendo to come in now and make an easy third platform to develop current generation games on, while still appealing to the casual gamer with backwards compatible wiimote controls etc, well as long as they price it smartly it’s a recipe for win!

  • I reckon Nintendo will play their cards right with the Wii U. I just hope those controller issues developers have been having are fixed by then.

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