The World's Most Amazing (And Painful) Video Game Setup

When Battlefield 3 is out next week, we'll all be playing it on either a TV or a monitor. Some of us on a big TV. Sadly, we won't be playing like this guy is, on a rig that includes five HD projectors, surround sound, a treadmill and... paintball guns?

Britain's The Gadget Show got a chance to step inside this one-of-a-kind rig, which in addition to the above gear also includes a massive omni-directional treadmill, wireless gun peripheral, ambient lighting and wrap-around, domed screen.

So, how's it all work? The gun peripheral is your mouse, or right thumbstick. The treadmills are your WASD keys, or left thumbstick, replicating your actual feet's movements in the game. The wrap-around screen gives you an almost virtual reality-like environment to play in, and the paintball guns, well, they're there to actually shoot you when you've been shot in the game.

Making it the most immersive, and painful, video game setup around.


    fuark, mirin

    I want one!

    I want one now!

    That is impressive. Kinda crazy, but impressive none the less. Not quite sure how good it would be to have to run to move in game though. I like being able to sit in my lazy sloth position and sprint into enemy fire.

    Had an idea like this in my head for years. Never thought of the paintball guns though. Nice touch.

    i would pay cash to play that thing.

    When can we see the full clip in Australia?

    Can I have it to play Arma2 with? that'd be fun.

    oh wow, this is like, SO beyond what i expected from the title, amazing

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