There Are Battlefield 3 Screenshots, And There Are Battlefield 3 "Screenshots"

Here's a batch of new images from EA's upcoming shooter Battlefield 3. Half of them are useful, beautiful shots of the game's multiplayer maps.

The other half? Well, it's nice they look like the cover art and all, but yeah. Not as useful.

As hard as it is to believe, Battlefield 3 will be out in North America on October 25. That's next week. Australia gets it on the 27th and Europe gets it on the 28th.


    10 Days till I dissapear from the world.

    10 days til my next sickie

      No you won't.

        Oh yes he will.

          I'll make sure that's a permanent sickie.

    Wait a sec... that fighter has both anti-air and anti-ground missiles! oh please let that be in the full game!

      Agreed, looks like sidewinders and Mavericks, would Dice model them in when they could have used AMRAAMs to make a pure air-air loadout? Their love for accuracy tells me to expect guided missile Airstrikes...

      Yep they're an unlock. You can't have both AA missiles and AG ones, but you can choose between the two.

    10 days till I have to wait for... wait, it gets posted on the 21st. I think I will end up with it before the yanks. LOL.

    10 days until BF3 comes out...

    10 days till i feel the battle

    10 days till i cry because my computer cant run it

    10 days till the flood of QQ begins

    7 days till I finish uni
    8 days to buy my upgrade parts
    9 days till i finish building my upgrade
    10 days till I start an unhealthy diet of takeaway and stop exercising

    8 days before BF3 breaks the street date.

      I wonder if Origin will stop people from playing it till the official release date

        More than likely, I would imagine..

        I just want it on Steam, waaah!

    Four score and seven years ago...


    12 days til I get this to run properly.

    Just kidding, I'm getting it on console.

      I don't think people playing this on console have much to brag about when it comes to BF3... PC version seems infinitely more stable and just more fun. Getting Battlefield on a console is having hot chocolate on a beach.

    i thought medal of honor was released ages ago?

      I thought it was impossible to live without a brain.

    10 days till my Internet gets raped as I cry over such limited useage because I watch game walkthroughs in YouTube instead of playing them because my pc is shit.

    (It's been) 10 days since you looked at me, cocked your head to the side and said "I'm angry"

    10 days until CoD starts to die a horrible & painfully slow death that It rightfully deserves.

      Unnecessary spite is unnecesary.

      Stop with the comparisons already! Just play the game you find most enjoyable and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.


    Gotta start work at 6am that following Friday and Saturday :( might have ONE rush map with the clan before sleep!

    I don't know what we are yelling about!!

    10 days till "fanboy fap feast"

    would be cool if you had JDAMS or just free fall weapons like MK-84s. randomly drop bombs across the map. hehe

    showed these to a freind.

    "those must be from a game, its too realistic for real life"


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