There Might Just Be More Battlefield: Bad Company On The Way

There Might Just Be More Battlefield: Bad Company On The Way

Those guys at DICE, man, they are busy. They’ve got betas to test and bugs to squash as Battlefield 3 — undoubtedly one of the biggest games of the year–gears up for release. That’s a lot of work. So, could they possibly be thinking about the story-driven Bad Company branch of their FPS franchise?

Turns out the answer is maybe. Game Informer’s got producer Patrick Liu on the record as saying the following:

“We haven’t killed Bad Company!” he said. “But we can only make so many games. Be patient… there might be something else coming up…

“We always have a couple of projects going on — some of them die, but some are more fruitful. We don’t have any plans to make Battlefield an annual title — we want to make it ourselves we don’t want anyone else doing it! And no studio can make an annual franchise by themselves — well, the sports titles can but they’re a very different breed.”

Of course, that something else could be a much-hoped-for Mirror’s Edge 2 but, given the way that Bad Company 2 performed, it’s entirely likely that we’ll be seeing the roguish soldiers of B Company before parkour-tastic heroine Faith makes her return.

DICE Producer Hints At A Future Bad Company Title [Game Informer, via the Guardian]


  • Um there already is more Bad Company…they’ve called it Battlefield 3 but considering the amount of people that have flocked back to Battlefield 2, it’s a safe bet that BF3 is just Bad Company with jets and it’s dumbed down console shooter methodology.

  • … just release and support BF3, jesus.

    Don’t become the shit studio you once were back in 2000, basically launching an update and calling it a “new game” EA has really redeemed itself, now don’t fall back into that bad pattern.

  • Bad Company now has enough cred to run on it’s own name. With Battlefield 3 soon upon us, I think if DICE wish to make more BAD COMPANY games, they should do so without the “Battlefield” parent name.


    I also hope they’ll reform the style back to the open-endedness of BC1. Especially the levels after the heli crash. They were intense!

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