There’s A Little Extra Classic Sonic Lurking In Sonic Generations

There’s A Little Extra Classic Sonic Lurking In Sonic Generations

In case the classic Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay isn’t classic enough for you in Sonic Generations, Sega’s tucked an old school surprise in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of next week’s hedgehog revival.

Completing levels in Sonic Generations earns players points in the game’s Skill Shop. One of the items up for sale in said shop is a Sega Genesis controller. Purchase it, and you’ll gain access to the original Sonic the Hedgehog adventure that started this whole mess in the first place. Even better (for you dirty cheaters), you can also purchase infinite lives in the original game, giving those that never finished the first one a sporting chance at doing so.

And if you’ve never completed the original Sonic the Hedgehog, please don’t tell us that. We’d rather remember you as you are now, before you ruined everything.

Play Sonic 1 in X360 & PS3 Versions of Sonic Generations [Sega Blog]


  • Why would anyone need infinite lives to finish Sonic 1, I finished it start to finish without cheating when I was 7. . .

    Sonic 2 on the other hand. . .

    • You know, when I was a little kid, I could beat Contra without all them extra lives or a continue.
      Sure as hell can’t do that now.

  • These Americans truly are the slickest of the slick, they probably don’t the Australian articles on the American site, but be damned they will have their articles run on the Australian one even if it is late by only a couple of days.

  • Also I find it really funny that the first comment on the Sega Blogs article basically reiterated what we already said when unlocking Sonic 1 was revealed.

  • Yo dawg i heard you like Sonic….

    So we put a Sonic game in a Sonic game so you can play Sonic while you play Sonic!

    heh. sorry. couldn’t help myself.

  • Some people get worse. Others get better. When I was younger I couldn’t pul off a hadouken, let alone a shoryuken, and I couldn’t get past the second level of Contra (or to be absolutely correct, Probotector :b).

    Today I can do full combo-video-level crap with Dante in Marvel, I beat Monster Hunter Freedom Unite solo and God Hand on hard, and can beat Hard Corps: Uprising without getting hit.

    It’s pretty strange how most people indeed seem to get worse though. I don’t think I play too much either, I probably only fit in an average of 10 hours of gaming a week.

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