There's A Mystery DC Superhero Game Coming In 2012

In an interview with the LA Times, Warner Bros' Martin Tremblay, president of the company's video games division, gets to talking about their "tent-pole strategy", based around big, quality games.

Tremblay of course name-drops Batman: Arkham City, and another Warner hit of 2011, Mortal Kombat, but near the end of the interview mentions something interesting. Talking about the publisher's 2012 lineup, he says that alongside a Hobbit game and LEGO Batman sequel, Warner will also be releasing "a game featuring a superhero from Warner's DC Comics unit" that the president would not name.

I mean, the obvious guess would be Superman, but then, that's too obvious. There's already a Superman movie in production, due out in 2013, so something based around that would hardly need the veil of secrecy. And besides, it's not like these Batman games have been based (or even timed) around movies.

So I'm going to spend the time between now and the project's reveal pretending it's an Aquaman game. It'll be like BioShock. With beards.

Warner's approach to video games is paying off [LA Times]


    Apart from superman who in the DC label has mainstream appeal to warrant a video game all to themselves?The public proved their apathy to the green lantern at the box office earlier this year, aquaman?Wonder woman?Shazam?

    A non-shitty green lantern game would be nice, but I'm betting on Superman. Aquaman would be cool if it takes inspiration from the new comic and has him beating up bloggers.

    C'mooooon Elongated Man!!!

    Gotham Imposters?

    Or, God willing, a good Green Arrow game.

    Sandman is DC right?

    Sandman FPS confirmed!

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