There's A New Shadowrun Game!

Cliffhanger Productions, the team currently working on Jagged Alliance Online, are also working on a new Shadowrun game. Yes, a new Shadowrun game. And it's not a shooter.

The popular old role-playing franchise, which had a great game adaptation on the SNES and a terrible one on the Xbox 360 and PC, will be back in a manner more suitable considering the universe, which blends cyberpunk and old-world magic.

They're working with the publishers of the actual Shadowrun pen-and-paper game to make sure it's a faithful adaptation of the source, and with the game to run in a browser are hoping for maximum accessibility.

You can see the full announcement below.

First Shadowrun Online newsletter is finally here! [Shadowrun]


    A browser? Really?

      I could give a shit if it ran in a piece of cardboard as long as its good.

    SQUEE! I love Shadowrun! It is a sadly dead license, along with pretty much everything else from FASA. It makes me sad! But now this, and the Mechwarrior game in the pipes, I am a happy girl!

    Too bad it's going to be browser based :(

    Oh man, I had the US import of Shadowrun on my SNES as a teenager - I played the HELL out of that thing. Such an awesome game.

    Iffy on a browser version though . =/

    Saddened that this seems as lively and awesome as the XBOX game.

    At least channel the Beam Software SNES game!

    Made in Australia awesomeness, only Shadowrun title to be a great game!

    I loved the 360 version. Small community meant everytime I joined a game I knew most of them and they knew me. And only having nine maps meant everyone had them memorised. Such an awesome Online game, and I hate online usually. And everyone worked as a TEAM, something you rarely see in CoD (Hell, people don't even play the right mode, I was playing domination and people called me an idiot when I got annoyed that I was the only one more concerned over capturing points than kills). I would love another game in the same vein, Me and the community were always discussing DLC, until the developers went bust.

    Shadowrun on 360 was great, plunkett your a hack who knows nothing :)

    "New Shadowrun!" -> Leans forward in seat
    "Not a shooter!" -> Puts down coffee as excitement builds
    "Browser Based...." -> Shoulders slump, picks coffee back up and leans back again, spirit broken

    I guess Shadowrun 360/PC wasn't point and shoot enough for Luke

      Luke's kind of a douche and I don't know/care why he didn't like it, but personally I'm a big fan of the SNES rpg-ish Shadowrun and the 360 multiplayer-only FPS was not at all what I was hoping for.

    shadowrun 360 was amazing, the company that made it closed after its release, which resulted in its death

    fact is, its 1 of the most balanced multiplayer shooters i ever played

    I always hoped Shadowrun would get a AAA MMO. They're still interested in doing that if anyone has a spare 50-70mil to toss their way.

      If that happens say goodbye to my social life...

    I can tolerate being browser-based if it's a reasonably faithful Shadowrun game. Unreasonably faithful is fine too.

    The browser based game info is only partially true. Check out the current status here:

    It will be running in a browser, too...

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