There's A World Of Goo For Your Android Device Too

World of Goo, already a hit on WiiWare, PC and iOS, is building a gooey bridge to Android. Yes, that means phones and tablets, says 2D Boy, which is "working out the final kinks in the machinery". [2D Boy]


    BUT i already own it on steam hopefully i can redeem it for the old android.


    I'm glad its coming to droid! However, I already own it on steam AND Wiiware...

    Its an excellent game, but is it really worth a 3rd purchase. Especially when I have played it many times before?

    Good news, just a little too late

    this game was amazing, i've finished it twice, failing both times to get all the OCD's.. ah well. If you havent played this game, give it a purchase now. If you're reading this comment you obviously have a device capable of internetting so DO IT. you wont regret it.

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