There's One Sure Way To Get Into The Tribes: Ascend Closed Beta

If you're anything like Joel and I, you'd really like to get into next month's closed beta for free-to-play online multiplayer shooter Tribes: Ascend. If camping out in front of Hi-Rez Studios until they let you in isn't an option, you can always drop $US30 for the beta-guaranteed VIP preorder package.

My plan is to drive down the street to Hi-Rez's Alpharetta headquarters and perch menacingly on Todd Harris' desk, staring at him intently until he cracks. That tactic probably wouldn't work for most of you, and even if it did would likely cost more than the $US29.99 asking price for the VIP preorder package.

The package contains VIP status (a $US20 value, somehow!); 800 Tribes Gold, which sounds vaguely terrifying; a 30-day booster; and of course, guaranteed beta access. That means that when the November 4 closed testing starts, you'll be one of those folks closed within it.

You could always just apply for the beta and take your chances, but without Harris-staring or money-spending, there are no guarantees.

Preorder Page [Tribes: Ascend]


    I'd like to mention they're planning on physically located Australian servers. I don't think they're up yet, but the CEO guy came out and said "We're going to do it".

      Yep they confirmed international servers (specifically mentioning Australia) and private servers were coming before launch but will not be in the closed beta to start with.

      Interview on youtube source...

      (Also has a lot of info, its a long video interview)

        Not sure if they TPG hosted but I get pings of 7 to 15ms and I'm with TPG. I've been playing this game for about a month now and still look forward to playing it everyday.

    Also wanted to add, Hi-Rez had a really smooth beta for Global Agenda. Remarkably so in fact. I had the pleasure of interacting with some of their staff while doing some interviews and I can't speak well enough of their team. They even hop in game and adventure with players to get a real pulse feel for their community.

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