These Are Real Achievements: Not In The Face, Quit Poking Me

Shinobi isn't just a wonderful throw-back to the classic, painfully hard Shinobi of the '80s, it's also a game with a surprisingly long, surprisingly humorous list of achievements.

Here's a few I jotted down following a play session with the upcoming 3DS game.

Two left feet: Fall into a pit. Not in the face: Killed by a melee attack. Ninja reflex: Parry and attack. All fun and games: The best way to avoid being killed is to not block with your face. Quit poking me: Jump into fire or spikes. Die hard: 100 deaths. I have the power: Discover ninja magic The One: Parry 100 attacks Jumped the shark: Did you just jump over a shark? Thanks you're the best: Watching the credits. Float like a butterfly: Complete a level without any parry. S is for shinobi: Achieve an S rank in all levels.


    Hang on...I'm obviously late to the party here, but the 3DS has achievements now?

      Any game can have achievements if the dev wants it to.

    I used to love Shinobi games. I remember one on the Genesis that had a ridiculously hard Nightclub level where a boss character was basically a ninja that was made of different colored ninja sprites all layered on top of each other. Every time you got a solid hit on him one would fall away in a death animation. The last layer was pure black.

    So you had to fight a 'noob saibot' type all-black-ninja character while the stage was flashing and colors were flying all around and there were strobe lights... Damned Nightclub level :-P

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