These Aren't Video Game Screenshots, They're Postcards

Iain Andrews' site Steam Postcards has long been my wallpaper supplier of choice. Why? Because he plays games and takes screenshots that aren't the kind of thing you'd find in a magazine or popular internet video game website.

He instead takes, well, postcards. Scenic shots of the background, or the walls, or the sky, or whatever, finding stuff that just looks good, instead of stuff that makes the game look good.

His current subject of choice is id's RAGE, but scroll down the Tumblr page and you'll see games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mirror's Edge, Mafia II, Team Fortress 2, Red Orchestra and even Kane & Lynch.

The images maybe aren't nice enough to print out and frame, but like I said, they're perfect for wallpapers!

Steam Postcards [enwandrews]


    Digital sight-seeing is terrific.

    If you showed me any of those when I was growing up and said, 'This is what games are going to look like in time.' I'd've laughed as derisively as a child could.

      I can remember thinking that the n64 was unbelievable, I think this would have caused my brain to implode.

        I remember thinking nothing would ever look or play as good as Doom on my 486.

    are there any that are 1920x1080? All the ones I tried are only 1440x900.

    some mirrors edge would be awesome =)

      "...scroll down the Tumblr page and you’ll see games like...Mirror’s Edge"

    *downloads ALL =]

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