These Battlefield 3 Case Mods Look Explosively Hideous

Console case company Calibur11, who you may be familiar with, have teamed up with EA to release a pair of cases for upcoming shooter Battlefield 3, one each for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Calibur11 calls them "vaults", and these feature a large Battlefield 3 logo, headphone rack, half a grenade and what looks like a giant claymore mine sticking out the side of the thing.

They're €90 each, and as ugly as I find them, they're chunky and grey enough to surely be appealing to somebody.

Vault: Battlefield 3 [Calibur11]


    I don't understand the whole "duck bill" on the 360 one.

      It's a headphone rack.

        No, it's a visor so the monster that hides behind the vent doesn't get sun in his eyes.

        ...because your 360 is outside now.

          You sir, are a genius! Haha

    I can't see a headphone rack on the PS3 :S

      PS3 Owners leave the headphones on the floor along side their dignity and self respect. :D

        I couldn't help but laughing at that one.

        Yeah, I'd be ashamed if I actually bought one of those cases, regardless of platform.

        which we can always find when the room is illuminated with a big red ring of death.


          inb4 fan war

          well.. technically the new slim xbox 360s do not 'red ring'and considering these cases are only for the slim version, there shall be red illumination in the room!


      Dude they switch off without warning. Do you have any fucking idea how annoying that is!!!!!

    You can't get much more aesthetically appealing than having a full size model of a claymore hanging off it...........

    Maybe they put in as much effort based on how much they think of the console versions.

    its actually a controller rack.. and I bet there's no PS3 "phat" case ;(

    these really are UUUUGGLY

    which we can always find when the room is illuminated with a big red ring.

    Just in case you're one of those people who thinks, "gee my cabinet is looking empty now with these silly new 'slim' consoles"...

    I think im the only person here that likes them.
    I would like them even more without the battlefield branding.

    I dont get why the ps3 doesnt get a headphone rack though. Looks like it would fit a pair of px5's quite nicely.

      I dont think its a headphone rack >_<

      Hear hear! I reckon they look awesome too, but hey I'm a gun nut and enjoy the look of equipment that looks explosive :-)

    Corny as hell

    the "duckbill" is not a head phone jack its for the control to sit on. also it is optional, i left it off my gears of war 3 vault

    I like it. I pre ordered mine from EB last week. I didn't go for the Gears one because I don't like the Gears paint style. Plus it keeps the systems cooler.

    i hate battlefield but must give this credit, it is quite cool. as are most of calibur 11's cases.

    im gonna fill the claymore with real explosives and put it infront of my housemates door

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