This Battlefield 3 Glitch Pits Man Vs Jet In An Unfair Dogfight

Battlefield 3's in beta, which means that bugs will pop up. This might be one of the more entertaining ones we've seen so far, where the plane being piloted disappear around the player. You'd think a guy floating in mid-air would be a sitting duck against a fighter jet, right? Wrong.


    is this HAWX DLC?

    Plane disappeared? I thought he just exited the vehicle and activated his parachute...

      Indeed. However it didnt help helps that this has bee posted by Kotaku US.

      Exactly, you can clearly see his plane explode after he jumps out.

    There is no bug here.. he bailed out..

    Get a clue Kotaku US

    I'd love to see what recoil does to a guy using a parachute firing a bazooka.

      Not much I'd think, it's firing a missile, which is obviously powered by it's own engine, so outside of the backblast, there isn't very much recoil to worry about.

      The 66mm rocket launcher used in the ADF is totally recoilless, I'm not experienced on the larger ones like the Javelin and 84mm, but I assume the same newtonian principles would apply

    In all honesty, Battlefield 1942 did this better anyway!

      I want to believe that tower falling in that vid is from the multiplayer, but I'm afraid it will just be another scripted event in the SP campaign.

        Sorry, replied to the wrong post....

    I wonder if its possible to cut a parachute with a jet... Or have a head-on kill with a jet & a parachuting pilot...

    Glitch? I take it the US kotaku people have worked out that it's easier to get pageviews by trolling then trying to repair the hate they've generated online.

    Though what do I care. Was worth comming here to see the link Frency posted.

    not a glich. he just ejected and used russian version of a stinger[ aa rocket ]. Ive done the same thing to a copper. and yes you can hit a player with jet comes up as a road kill. theirs a video of it on

      I want to believe that tower falling in that vid is from the multiplayer, but I’m afraid it will just be another scripted event in the SP campaign.

    The US guys really are morons

      I do my best to not be too negative, especially on a site I enjoy, even with the quality of the Kotaku US posts, but this is really terrible. The guy either didn't watch the clip himself or has no understanding of the game at all.

      It is clearly not a glitch, he uses his weapon and you can see the parachute and plane exploding. Very poor journalism, what next an article about Battlefield 3's multiplayer with a link to a MW3 video?

    Glitch? lol... This is a Battlefield game afterall... Hopefully jeep-jumping makes a comeback! :)

    Pfft, shooting up a plane on the ground. He fights without honor.

    Lol either this is the wrong video, or the author has no idea what a glitch is.

    .... yeah... thats not a glitch

    So who else felt a massive rush of nostalgia when the music change after the ejection?

    How is that a glitch... That's just BF.

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