This Could Be The Prettiest MMO In The World

Sorry to get all Jeremy Clarkson on you for a second, but after seeing this trailer for upcoming MMO Bless, that's the first thought that popped into my head.

The game, developed by Korean studio Neowiz, has teamed up with Epic to bring us one of only a few Unreal Engine 3-powered in existence, finished or otherwise.

Massively Multiplayer Online games normally have to make concessions in terms of visual detail for two reasons: so everything runs smoothly, and so more people with shitty computers can play. Bless obviously doesn't give a damn about concessions!

First Unreal Engine-based MMORPG announced [VG247]


    So over how 99% of all MMO's are based in fantasy. It's been done to death people!

      I could forgive most of them being fantasy if they didn't all have the same bloody art style.

      Lot easier to justify thousands of people getting into fights and then crafting something in a fantasy setting.

        war is a major key plot point in any great history fiction or otherwise, and 'crafting' or can similarly be transferred into any era or style of game, they could do an mmo set in a sky world where everybody travels on wind and visits other planes of existence, battling gods and demons and astral creatures, no 'elves' or swords required. give them all laser guns for all i care, its not hard to be original.

    Doesn't look any prettier than TERA to me

    Don't know about it being the prettiest but it has my attention.

    The classic icky-ness of disturbing imbalance relating to male vs female battle armour is enough to put me off.

      Yeah, can't help but notice that nowadays. Men in full armour vs women with T&A hanging out with a few metal bits here and there. Just silly, obviously they use their majics to hold their clothes on! o.0

    I see your Bless, and raise you a "Blade & Soul".

      Yes, I have been blade and soul since Aion came out :)

    This is the preferred art/character style in asia. The game is to be sold in asia. What other art style do you expect?

    Cool name for a game.

    Prerendered footage is prerendered.

    Its not that pretty, about average for a new game. And it doesnt look like gameplay footage anyways, so its meaningless. Art style isnt special either.

    Tits and ass!

    Luke what are you on about, this is all cinematic /cutscene footage. Check the cinematics for WOW- they look way better than this. If dead island has taught us anything, it's that there is little to no real connection between cinematics and the actual game.

    i know this will in no way represent the actual in game screen, so i dont care about this at all. will wait for screenshots

    "Bless" them for trying.

    Yo Bless, Im real happy for you and Imma let you finish, but TERA has the best TnA of all time!

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