This Guy's Got Two Copies Of Battlefield 3 Right Now

These are two copies of Battlefield 3 snapped at a Toys 'R Us according to the reader who sent them in. Poor, PC version; it didn't get to be in the group photo.

Battlefield 3 will officially be on sale next Tuesday, October 25.


    Poor PC? Poor muppet for not owning one.

    Whoopie do dah

    The PC version didn't want it's picture taken with it's handicapped siblings

      Nah, he didn't get it because he didn't want Origin spying on his computer.

      bwahahaha +1 to that switch

    COMEON! someone that works in one of the videogame retailers like eb break the street date, it's only a job at eb, it's a shit job anyways, wearing ties and talking to grandma's about mario games, BAH! do Australia a favour and grow some balls, get this game out there.

      Sure!! Ill risk my job just so you can play BF3!! That sounds like a sweet deal to me, Ill hand it over, get fired, and you can suck my balls... You sir, are a douche to the power of 65,000,000...

    no receipt means they probably work there and just got their shipment in? :p

      you prob wouldn't be able to register it on origin anyway, so it'd be a shiny disc until Tuesday

    This is obviously from Canada, right? Thank God they wrote "Edition Limitee" on there otherwise those french speakers would have no clue what Limited Edition meant. Imagine the confusion, oh the humanity!!

    I wonder if he has played it yet? Like this lucky SoB has!

    I've got 2 nuts, can I post a pic of them & brag? Lol

    I still don't understand the 'HOLY SHEET I HAVE A GAME X DAYS EARLY' thing. I mean seriously, the day it comes out no one cares anyway. It's not like you climbed Everest or something. You work at a retailer that sells video games, and you have them in your hands early? I'll be damned. Here's a medal, clearly you deserve it.

    Lol at the pc fags thinking they're all high and mighty cause they get better graphics. Who gives a fuck what you get it on. buy it to enjoy it, not jump straight on the internet and write about your console being more superior.

      pc gamers overcompensate for certain things ;)

        I own a high end pc (GTX 580 SLI), Xbox 360 & PS3.

        But I'll be getting BF3 on PC, mouse & keyboard > Controller. Having the best graphics at 2560x1600 is a luxury.

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