This Is A Screenshot Of Metal Gear Solid 2 Running On The Vita

So this is an off screen pic, taken by Hideo Kojima, of an eight year old game. So why are we posting it on Kotaku? Well, mostly because it's Metal Gear Solid 2, and it's running on the PlayStation Vita.

I'm a pretty huge fan of Metal Gear Solid 2, mostly for personal reasons, but I don't know how far my nostalgia can stretch. The game is already pegged for a HD release on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The allure of playing Metal Gear Solid 2 on the can is strong, but is it strong enough?

I'm not sure. Still Metal Gear Solid 2 on PlayStation Vita. Hurray?


    Whilst MGS3 is the quintessential fan-favorite, MGS2 is probably my most played MGS of all time. Trying to shake down soldiers and collect all the dog tags... ah the memories.

    I certainly won't say no to any original MGS made available on Vita, HD or otherwise.

    Looks like they've upped the detail level and lighting quite a bit...

    The problem with looking to play MGS on the can is you could hit with a 30-40min cutscene.

    Upon exiting the bathroom (if the toilet isn't separate), there are potential questions on the reason why someone needs that long on the can, something tells me "playing Metal Gear Solid" isn't going to be taken seriously and instead be assumed as an euphemism.

      that, and the fact that your legs would go into rigor mortis.
      Reminds me of that episode in Seinfeld where George spends his summer eating that block of cheese, and then falls down the stairs because he hadn't moved for weeks. Off topic, but I loved that show :)

      I get those questions already when reading news feeds on the can...

    i'm just glad to know i'm not the only person who plays with their PSP while on the can :)

    I'm such a MGS whore, I own no less than 5 editions of MGS2

    Makes you wonder why Kojima et al haven't remade MGS1, especially what I think is the best of the whole cardinal MGS series, The Twin Snakes.

      One of the major reasons is because the main MGS1 theme has been accused of being plagiarised (hence why it wasn't included in the Ocelot fight at the end of MGS4). If it wasn't included in a remake, fans would lose their shit, and if they did include it, they'd be inviting potential legal trouble.

    Snake: Raiden, if you don't have enough ammo, you can have some of mine.
    Raiden: Do you have enough?
    Snake: AbsoLutely!

      More games should have unlockable bandanas for exactly this reason.

    Oh MGS2 ... it gets so much hate but I could care less, this game is magnificent, of course nothing topples 3.

    MGS2 is my favorite game. I work a grave-yard shift with A LOT of down time. I'd love to have those games on Vita, hour-long cut scenes and all.

    Wow, another port huh? I believe this is number 3.

    Toilet time *is* PSP time. If someone asks what all the noise is or why you're taking so long just tell them you're sneaking around with Solid Snake... they'll understand and leave you alone for the rest of the afternoon. :)

    Dude its a PS2 game, of coarse it'll run on the Vita.

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