This Is Battlefield 3’s Launch Trailer

This Is Battlefield 3’s Launch Trailer

It’s coming. Soon. Watch the trailer.


  • As far as launch trailers go that was pretty weak. It feels like they still don’t quite know what game they want to be — the thoughtful ‘Hurt Locker’ type or the COD type.

    • I’d have to disagree with you, from a trailer stand point that was pretty strong, had very good pacing, it didn’t smack you in the face with tonnes of action sequences from the get go

  • No, whats wrong with this trailer isn’t the story, whats wrong is that people are not going to buy this for the Single Player tag along content, its all about the multiplayer!

  • EA and Activision will make money with BF3 and MW3, no doubt, but they’ve lost me and every core gamer I’ve spoken to with their heavy handed approach to screwing money out of their customers.

    Will I miss these titles? Not at all. Thankfully the industry is broad enough to allow gamers to take a stand, and still have plenty of AAA titles to play.

  • For some reason, the music just doesn’t do it for me. The constant re-imaging of the classic theme from BF42 just never works as well as the original and they haven’t tried for anything new.

    • I might be a problem with your speakers… I know mine give of this weird kind of buzzing noise when I hear Battlefield 3 trailers.

      Doesn’t matter if I go deaf though… I’m still buying it.

    • nah man, complete opposite for me!
      i LOVE that they are using the same music, that music brings a sense of nostalgia that not many other games can replicate.

      so damn excited for this!!

  • I wish all the goddamn Battlefield regulars would shit it. We KNOW that you aren’t getting it for the single-player, that doesn’t mean you have to start going on about your loyalty to the franchise.

  • This game looks like it’s going to be the best first person shooter ever.. I know for sure it will be for me.

    I can’t wait. Battlefield!!!

  • What’s up with all the kicking in the trailer? DICE seems to like showing off kicking a lot, LOL. It’s MW3, but with 500% more kicking!

  • I know I’ll be getting this (after I hold out a little longer to see if it turns up on steam) for the multiplayer, but from what I’ve seen so far, the single player looks like it might be genuinely fun…it has all the hallmarks of a decent military action movie, and I always enjoy switching my brain off and enjoying those.

    Also, I don’t know what it’s like in the US, but so far it looks like BF3 is pwning MW3 hype/marketing-wise. Maybe Activision are waiting for BF3 to be released first and then they’ll go into media overload.

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