This Is Blizzard DOTA's Character-Packed Trailer

It's a Blizzfan's wet dream come true as iconic characters from various universes take armies into battle against each other in Blizzard DOTA. While it's known that Blizzard's working on a MOBA-style game, no one would've predicted that it was going to look anything like this. Watch the trailer that accompanied the announcement here.


    So will this game also develop an insular, unwelcoming and toxic community?

      Of course!

      It wouldn't be DotA otherwise! =P

      I lol'd at ur statement.

      I just try to annoy them further if they don't like my n00bness.

    The branding may kill DOTA 2. I'm hoping not, since Icefrog will probably do a better job with DOTA 2.

    Meh, I'm sticking with DOTA2.

    sad to say this looks really shit... im sticking with HoN till Dota 2 comes out..

      Richard: "sad to say this looks really shit"
      Translation: "I prefer HoN and this threatens me"

      After seeing approx 15 seconds of gameplay, we get the deep and insightful comment "This looks shit" ... it's free. Get a grip.

        ... I started playing dota when it first came out in Warcraft 3.. before allstars... i moved on to LoL then switched to HoN.. I even gave SoTiS a try on starcraft 2. But THIS blizzard dota really does look horrible...

    Good to see Blizz not taking things too seriously.

      Yeah that is probably the best way that they can handle this game in a market that seems to be flooded by the MOBA genre in recent years.

      At the end of the day it seems that Blizzard are more interested in competing with "Storm of the Imperial Sanctum" (SotIS), the leading MOBA game on the custom games ladder rather than any other title.

    obvious troll is obvious...oh many got trolled

    i guess its a success one then

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