This Is Nintendo's Slide Pad Packaging

Loud. Gaudy. The box art for the Monster Hunter 3 (-tri) G 3DS Expansion Slide Pad bundle was madness. Nintendo's take on the 3DS Expansion Slide Pad's stand alone packaging is not.

It's restrained, standard—the simplicity you'd expect from Nintendo these days. The 3DS Expansion Slide Pad will be available separately on Dec. 10 for ¥1,500 ($20). It will come in this box.

ニンテンドー3DS専用 拡張スライドパッド [Amazon Japan]


    Who can guess how much it will be in Aus??

    I'd like a free one with RE Rev...

    It looks like a Canon print cartridge package

    LOL fail of a console actually is going to sell this? Why bother? Just get the updated version coming out soon.

      Oh yeah. There isn't a revision coming out soon. Infact, Iwata said that there are no plans for a revision to the 3DS in the short term.

        yeah but short term means now. you just wait, september next year there will be the 3ds 2 out

          Without a doubt. There's that problem with the dust lines on the top screen when you shut the 3DS (which stuffs up the 3D) and now the slide pad. Its getting a big revision by next year, no doubt about it.

    Contrary to popular belief, when an update comes out people don't hurl their 3DS's against a wall in order to get a 3DS Lite.

    Nintendo are making so many wrong choices lately I wonder if they've replaced the management with monkeys. Mind you I'm not a fan of Nintendo and their constantly regurgitated franchises perhaps their trying something new and coming up empty.


      What your not a fan of nintendo ....

    Why oh why didn't they just release the damned 3DS with dual thumbsticks in the first place? And a bigger 3D screen too.

    Looks like a cheap 3rd party accessory - its not

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