This Is The Greatest Button-Press In All Of Video Gaming

QTEs, or Quick Time Events, are a way for video games to let the player feel like they're interacting during a mostly cinematic sequence.

They're slightly controversial, because many argue they're barely "gaming" at all; you're just pressing some buttons while the real action takes place solely on the screen.

There's no controversy about this QTE, though, found at the end of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. It's just... awesome.

Best QTE Ever - Ace Combat: Assault Horizon [Giant Bomb]


    Thx for the spoiler asshole

      Which spoiler? Main hero in over the top fluffy war action story doesn't die?

        no more on the lines of that was the best QTE placement of all time intended for right at the very end and Luke just blew it without a sign of spoiler alert.

        But since me buying the game is low, this is the best QTE I have ever scene, great work from the developers right there.

      Really? so when Luke's written "at the end of Assault Horizon" you didn't think that it might be at the end of the game?

      oh wait, you just watched the video, right? didn't read the article? well it's your own fault then.

        Lets just have a little looksie at the article...

        Yep, video comes first. Writing comes second.

          Usually people read the writing first...

          or is that just me?

      Take some responsibility for yourself. QTE's are in game's, commonly at plot critical events. If you just hit "Play" without first checking which game it was, you clearly don't care about spoilers.

      If you don't want something spoiled for you, check the article associated with the video first. Even then, calling this a spoiler is a big logical stretch.

    I think this has possibly just sold me the whole game.

    US team are getting faster, they might actually start posting original content soon.

    this game is the game that sunk the ace combat in my eyes it is no longer my favourite game of all time.

    What happens if you fail it?

      Dean Vernon raids your wardrobe.

    yer, can you show whats happens if you don't press the button

    I wouldn't call that 'awesome' - more like intrusive and immersion-breaking.

    Funnily my friends and I were talking about this on vent yesterday, in regards to the QTE's in Mass Effect. I loved them! You didn't have time to stop and think about your response, it was intuitive. Really felt like it drew me into the moment in the game.

    I'd like to chip in the end of Metal Gear Solid 3 for an impacting button pressing event.

    Clip would be much MUCH cooler if that music is actually in the game, and not added in by Youtube user with my kind of nostalgic humour.

    I still lol'd, then sent the URL to everyone I know who would get the reference.

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