This Is What Three Generations Of Sonic Look Like On PC

Yesterday Sega finally confirmed the long-rumored PC digital download version of the era-crossing Sonic Generations, and this is what that looks like.

The PC version of Sonic Generations, like its console counterparts, will support 1080p graphics and full stereoscopic 3D. It will also support sitting at your desk, alt-tabbing between hedgehog goodness and Excel spreadsheets, a feature the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have yet to implement. Available across many digital distribution channels in November, the Steam version will harness the power of the mystical cloud, channeling your game saves through the internet for play anywhere convenience.

And hey, it looks just as lovely as the console version in these screens, which means it'll look gorgeous running on a gaming rig, because everything looks better on a gaming PC.

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    Hmmmm, wow, that game looks kinda awesome. I think I might need to get it.

    Preordered at yesterday for USD$20.36 with use of thier current 20% off coupon. Its a steamworks game so it will just be a matter of registering the key when the time comes. Good times.

      When I heard this was immediately thinking wether I should get it on PC or stick with a console game on console. But forgot completely about how much cheaper Steam games are.

      Sorry XBox, you'll remain dusty.

    Am I the only one thinking; "Just die already..."

    I, uh, notice that these screenshots appear to have 360 buttons in them. Are these really for PC?

    It looks like a great game and all. Just strikes me as a bit odd that these PC screenshots have those buttons in there..

      person is probably using a 360 controller, to play it. which for a game like this is recommended.

    Wonder how quickly this game will get modded to include extra zones etc. The only ones that interest me are Chemical Plant and Sky Sanctuary.

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