This Is Your First Gears Of War 3 DLC

On November 1, you can buy $US10 more of Gears of War 3 in the form of the Horde Command Pack.

The pack adds three maps to the game's Horde and Beast mode (Blood Drive, Rustlung and Asura), three new characters (Onyx guard, Big Rig Dizzy and Bernie), two new weapon skins (Team Plasma and Jungle Camo). The new maps will also be playable in private Versus mode.

The most intriguing part of the bundle are the four fortification upgrades that will enhance the tower-defence aspects of the game's co-op Horde mode. Players will be able to build a new fortification called the Command centre that calls in snipers, mortars and Hammers of Dawn. They'll also be able to upgrade decoys into Onyx bots that fight for you, sentires into "fire bolt" sentries that are good against Berzerkers, and regular Silverbacks exo-suits into Silverbacks that can fire rockets.

The pack will cost 800 Microsoft points, or $US10, and will be available for download on November 1. Microsoft also promises that Gears of War 3 will get at least three more add-on packs, offering more multiplayer and campaign content.


    Sweet. Season pass ftw. I think the add on's to horde will be interesting.

    "and campaign content"

    Those are the words I was looking for!


    That middle screen is from a Horde map in Gears 2 right? $10 for 2 new maps and 1 recycled, DLC has become a joke.

      The middle shot is Blood Drive which has been in since Gears 1. It also looks fairly different so they've done some work on it even if they've kept the core design, rather than just copy/pasting the map in, it looks like they've rebuilt it

    Anyone know if there will be new maps for team deathmatch? I know you can use these in private matches, but I mean ones that get put into general rotation in quick match?

      Yeah I'm kind of hoping thats a weird miscommunication, the filtering they did to stop people accidently trying to load a map they didn't own seemed to work well enough in the first 2 games

    So now we get to pay for maps that have been known about (and were expected to be in the final game) for at least six months, character and weapons skins already available on the game disk, and now game "features" (Command Centre, Silverback w/ Rockets). Once upon a time Epic wanted to give away its DLC for free. It's a shame they have gone down this route, especially since Gears of War 3 is such a great game.

      i take your point, however i don't believe everything a developer has worked on for a game has to be on the game disc, like epic has to sign off all their work on release. i guess some people have the mentality that "i paid my $60-$80 and am therefore entitled to all gears of war 3 related content.

      i do totally understand many peoples distaste with all the extra weapon skins and extra paid content so close to launch, having once been a company that gave away it's dlc for free. but i don't feel robbed and they are just doing good business. plus microsoft will take their cut so free content on xbl isn't as cheap as adding content on pc.

        if any of those maps were on trailers for the game then i'm not terribly impressed. if they were on dev diarys or other video content i think it gets a little grey there.

          Gears 3 is a big game (7.5GB installed) and considering what we got at launch I'd be surprised if there is any room left for those "new" maps. But they could have been free day 1 DLC for new buyers, just like the Flashback map packs were for Gears 2.

          My point is, the "new" multiplayer characters, weapon skins and actual game features are already on the game disc and therefore already accounted for in terms of costing in production. It would cost Epic nothing to flip the switch to make these items available for everyone. I use to buy DLC but business tatics such as these are turning me off for good.

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