This Kinect Inspired HoloDesk Will Mind Your Blow!

Kinect hacks, I've seen a few, but this may be the most exciting. Using a Kinect alongside an optical see-through display, Microsoft researchers have been able to create functioning HoloDesk, in which you can manipulate virtual objects with your hands. This really has to be seen to be understood, or believed.

Pretty impressive.

Thanks VG247.


    Pfft Yeah but the Move's tip changes color.

    Don't let peter moleneuxuexsxxxeess get a hold of this...

    "what i envision is a game that not only lets you see and feel emotions, but reach out and touch them - through Milo. Yes, everyone touch Milo."

    *two days later peter molexxeleneeuxxx is arrested*

      Man, the world would be a zany place if Molyneux was Japanese...

        please - some of us would like to be able to live without that thought

    At 0:45
    Oh look, he's trying to play Minecraft. And doing it TOTALLY WRONG! :P

    If it allows me to juggle baby heads without legal implications, then count me in!

    I love the work Microsoft R&D does, I just wish more of their work got past the protyping stage.

    This is cool I would like to see what they can do in 5years time with ideas like this.

    As a programmer myself, that's really impressive. I love the different ways in which all these people are integrating and developing on the Kinect. This is the most important reason as to why I personally think the Kinect will only become more important as time goes on. Maybe not in it's current form, but some revisions down the track

      The problem with the kinect is the same problem the 3DS has. The games on it aren't very many and most of them are substandard if that. I have a kinect and I've bought one game for it...but it wasn't even for me.

        I really enjoyed this story.

        But the tech allows for a much longer product life, so good things come to those who wait.

    Impressive but can you actually use this Kinect thing to play games? All I ever see is hacks for it!

    But it didn't fall. You caught it. The fact that you prevented it from happening doesnt change the fact that it was "going" to happen.

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