This New Saints Row 3 Trailer Skewers Battlefield 3/Modern Warfare 3

Ah Saints Row - is there anything you won't attempt to parody? This time round the po-faced style utilised in trailers for Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 is the target. Inside: a man in a pink cowboy hat pulling a rickshaw, a rabbit firing a rocket launcher, hoverbikes and a man getting hit in the testicles with a briefcase.




      Also - the cowboy hat is CLEARLY purple! :D

    Modern Saints Battle Warfields 3 yo!

    God I love Saints Row!

    Are the hoverbike and helicarrier new, or did I just miss them in previous announcements/trailers?

    God i hope Kotaku run a comp for this one.. lol

      Commit an outrageous act of violence in the silliest Saints orientated outfit you can put together?

        Film your best nut-shot?

          Yep, that get's my vote! As long as we have to dress up for it though. None of this regular everyday clothing nonsense.

            I need to find a purple pimp suit and an insanely large purple dildo as soon as possible...

              i almost spat my coffee out in hillarious fashion after reading that post...
              good to see SR3 bring out the best of us :)

              And I'll make my own Professor Genki hyper-ordinary outfit!

              So you just need to open your bedroom cupboard then? boom-tish!

                actually, i keep them in a chest at the foot of my bed, along with the chloroform

                  So you get knocked out every time you open it? Awkward...

    In your face everyone!

    Once a year, there's a must buy game that comes out, with such taste and dignity that it leaves you awe inspired, that it leaves you thinking 'This game has elevated gaming to a new level'. That game is probably Skyrim.

    This game just looks like balls out fun insanity times a million :D

      Nah, Skyrim's just Oblivion with better graphics. The pedestrian cannon car in Saints Row 3 is proof that games are art.

    Take my money, NOW!!!!

    This is going to be the first game I buy after my first pay packet with the new job.

    love their approach

    I LOVE IT! cant wait fOr this game

    the sound the guy makes when he gets nut-shotted sounds identical to killing a morden army soldier in metal slug.

    some kind of disintegrater gun!!!! that's just chock full of win!!!


    Naw, I remember having fun like this years ago. I think the game was called GTA: San Andreas or something.
    Those were the times.


    ive never played a saints row and what did i just watch o.o might have to have a look at this lol

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