Pac-Man Video Proves Kids Are The Ultimate Video Game Peripherals

Not only did Nathan and Jen Glemboski use the lure of sweet, puffy marshmallows to lure their child into playing a real-life version of the arcade classic Pac-Man, they then sent the link into a gaming blog for our amusement. As long as you're living under my roof you'll eat those marshmallows!

Why do my children have to be only five months old? Everyone tells me they grow up so fast, but they're still not big enough to hide in boxes while we play Metal Gear Solid, or drive my Nissan Pathfinder in a lighthearted round of real-life Grand Theft Auto. Man, it's like buying a video game hand having to wait four years for the patch to download.

I'm jealous here Nathan. Want to trade, two for one?

Father and Son Play Real-Life Pac-Man [YouTube]


    *That* Pacman uses wall-hacks!

    Encouraging children to eat off the floor and hunt for their father's ass. How lovely.
    They've made their child into a human guinea pig.

    How big was the pool of sticky vomit afterwards?

    Also, where can i get those huge power pill size marshmallows?

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