This Persona Figure Has A Crazy Crotch

It's not everyday that you see a Persona 4 figure on Kotaku. It's also not everyday that you see a Persona 4 figure with a crazy crotch.

This is Izanagi. If you've played the Persona games, you probably know Izanagi and his metal crotch. If you haven't, go ahead and read this.

The Izanagi Persona 4 figure will be out early next year in Japan and priced at ¥8400 ($110).

「ゲームキャラクターコレクションDX ペルソナ4 イザナギ []


    Maybe he plays alot of cricket .... or for when those times when he faces a really big monster or something and desperatly needs to releave himself .... who knows

    Somewhat bezzar, don't see a zipper, is it atomated? What if it glitches and snaps.... am i thinking too much about this?

    Also what the hell are with all those buckles, is that jacket really ment to come together?

    izanagi second for izanagi no okami has the same thing as well

    The Persona games have a persona that's a giant penis riding a chariot.

    A playable chariot penis.

    This is small-time, really.

    I remember thinking how awesome this guy looked...until I noticed his codpiece.

    Totally buying this to go next to my $200 Aegis figure. SINCE I CAN.

      Wish I had that and the yukiko one I've only got the max factory figurine

    Someone raided Voldo's closet

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