This Retro Website Will Have You Drowning In Nostalgia

This nifty little website, which was brought to my attention by Neogaf user OriginalThinking has dragged my productivity levels to a rapid halt. This clever little site allows you to scroll through hundreds of title screens from 8bit/16bit games. Sweet, sweet nostalgia - ye be a harsh mistress.

I've posted a couple of my own personal favourites below, but you have to head to the site to check out the rest.



    Needs the music.

    Bubsy!!! I regret trading away this game forever. And ever. ='(

    In other words, Serrels just found a gold mind of Remember This? competitions.

    Wow.... I am in love with this site (Kotaku AU too of course lol). Literally swallowed up my whole lunch break today, will be doing some old school gaming when I get home methinks! Thanks for sharing Mr Serrels! ^_^

    Wow, this is going to be a major source of Inspiraton for my Graphics Design course, cheers Kotaku!

    Hey Mark,

    You might want to check out

    It's a similar site to the one you've highlighted but it shows off modern title screens instead.

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