This Ryu Cosplay Is An Animated GIF Waiting To Happen

Cosplay is not easy. And this Ryu cosplayer gets the costume part totally right. He also does a solid job uttering "Hadouken!"

It's when he actually starts trying to pull off Ryu's moves when things go south. Also, cartwheels? Wait, what?

Okay, this Ryu cosplay player doesn't get anywhere near Ryu's Hurricane Kick, but his "Hadouken" doesn't sound half bad, and his costume looks good. But what's up with the cartwheel?


    meh. Good on him for having the gumption to
    a) dress up as a character and
    b) have fun being his character

    I hope he enjoyed himself irrespective of what others thought.

      exactly, i know i couldn't do that in front of a good 60 people good on him

      And That, Damien, is the entire point of cosplay :3 So long as he was having fun representing the character, nothing else matters.


      Far from the best cosplay I've ever seen, but miles better than any cosplay I've ever done (I've costumed up, but never "played" a character). At least he gave it a go!

    This guy shoulda stuck with E. Honda in his high school years or something. Not Ryu.

    Plus, those last words he spoke? Where they: "I'm not fat! I'm just big boned"

    Either way, the audience laughed and now the internet will laugh. Just like Star Wars kid.

    It's just sad seeing people cosplaying as characters that just don't suit their body. Lose the delusion, realise your body shape (and skills in this case) and cosplay accordingly.

    Someone give him some Pound Cake!

      I am so glad I clicked that link.

      9 second clip and I laughed my ass off!

    At least he tried, unlike you sad wankers giving him crap. I wonder how big boned you are, sitting behind your computer screens.

    lolz i love the slow mo

    Not really too bad an effort for the hurricane kick, but what the f*#k did you expect, I can't imagine he's going to learn the art of defying gravity anytime soon.

    Hadouken is an awesome band.

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