This Square Enix RPG Sounds Terrible, Looks Just Fine

There's a new Square Enix game on the way for the Nintendo 3DS called Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. Even going by Square's ridiculous standards, it's a ridiculous name. Lucky, then, it looks so damn good.

Understand that this appears to be an incredibly "traditional" Japanese role-playing game, and that I'm talking about its visuals, not how it plays. Which, let's be honest, we all pretty much know how it'll play.

Square Enix hasn't often been able to recreate its glorious concept art in its video games; older titles were too pixellated, newer ones have either been too polygonal or too shiny. This, though, with its hand-drawn style and moody lighting, looks to get things just right.

It'll be out next year.

Bravely Default [Tiny Cartridge]


    Well graphically its very, very pretty but I suspect the title loses something in translation. Unless maybe the default character is so shit, choosing not to make your own custom character counts as the highest difficulty level meaning you have to be brave... Nah probably just a dodgy name

    Oh nice. I agree, looks to get the look down just right! Now lets just hope the writing is half decent...

    Is the character female or just EXTREMELY feminine?

      Looks like it's a kid, but the language doesn't really indicate either way.

      as a long time square fan i know the difference between guys and girls (which can be confusing some times)
      i determine it to be a guy

        I'm more referring to the manner in which the character walks. It's an extremely feminine and rather dramatic gait.

          It's a magic fantasy land, maybe everyone just walks like that.

    Kind of reminds me of 4 Heroes of Light, art wise, which is a good thing.
    Plus is that some Action RPG/Zelda style dungeon wandering I saw? (Maybe not...)
    Color me intrigued.

    This makes me wish for a true sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics (not the lousy FFT Advance stuff) using this kind of graphics.

    This Square Enix RPG Sounds Terrible, Looks Pretty Meh


    The live demo at TGS had some pretty cool AR stuff going for it. I got an AR card to use in the game when it comes out. Swag is awesome.

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