This Week In Battlefield… I mean GAMES!

This Week In Battlefield… I mean GAMES!

This Week In Battlefield… I mean GAMES! Yep. It’s Battlefield week. That’s not to say there aren’t other games of importance being released this week, but yeah. Battlefield 3. It’s out. This week. Wheeeeeeeee!

Battlefield 3 (360/PS3/PC) What is it? A big, mad shooty-shooty game with guns and stuff. Should you care? I’ll be honest – I don’t care that much. Everyone else in the known universe? Well they seem to care quite a bit! (Yes, you should care, just ignore me.)

Blackwater (360) What is it? A Kinect title with shooter elements. Should you care? Apparently it’s not too bad. I’m keen to try it, but I’d wait for reviews before sinking cash into it.

Disney Universe (360/PS3/Wii) What is it? So interesting that this week’s schedule is packed with games outside Battlefield’s demographic. I think Disney Universe is the perfect example of this. Should you care? Nah, probably not.

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkachi (PS3) What is it? Another anime based fighter. These ones are typically decent though. Should you care? The cliche ‘fans of the show will have a blast’ applies here.

Hulk Hogan’s Main Event (360) What is it? A Kinect wrestling title… BROTHER! Should you care? Well let me tell you something MENE GENE! No. You probably shouldn’t care.

Kinect Sports: Season 2 (360) What is it? Another Kinect game. ANOTHER ONE? Should you care? So many Kinect games this week…

Motiosports Adrenaline (360/PS3) What is it? Another Kinect games! Oh wait. This one is on PlayStation Move as well! Should you care? Going to be honest and say this: I have no idea.

The House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut (PS3) What is it? Essentially an old school light gun style game using the PS Move. Should you care? If you missed this on Wii, then yes.

Spiderman: Edge of Time (360/PS3/Wii/DS) What is it? A game about being Spiderman, climbing around. Stuff like that. Should you care? I remember the last Spiderman game being pretty solid. The fact that I haven’t been shown this, or sent any early copies of the game makes me a bit suspect though. Generally, that means bad things. Hold off until reviews!


  • Battlefield 3, should I care? Probably… Do I care, not anymore… After the Beta failed to peak my interest I cancelled my pre-order… Think I’ll just stick with Batman, Halo, Ass Creed and Uncharted over the next few months (no COD, never been a COD fan)… Might pick up BF3 when it’s $10 like i did with Bad Company 2 (sunk 50 hours into that).

    • Glenn, I don’t know you. But I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re not a total ass-hat.

      It was a beta. Not a demo. And not only was it only a beta, it was also only 5-8% of the entire online experience. And yes it was buggy, very buggy.


      If you really sunk 50 hours into BC2, quit being a bitch, MTFU and buy BF3. It’ll be heaps cheaper online than at stores if you don’t need it day one.

      • +1
        Just like Dizz says, it was a BETA not a DEMO.

        If you judge a game by its Beta you’re probably just that retarded that I’d prefer it if you didn’t play in the same community as me.

        • I’ve been playing battlefield from the beginning properly wouldn’t want you in my community hiding in the bushes sniping people

      • I know it’s a beta, I know it’s not a representation of the final product… I couldn’t even bring myself to play a second round of the game, I guess 50 hours of BC2 was my fill of online entertainment (Not much of an multiplayer gamer, I prefer single player or co-op games).

        My problem with the Beta was that it reminded how bored I am of modern shooters, much prefer sci-fi shooters.

        I don’t need it day one, I don’t even need it year one, I’ll happily pick it up when it’s on sale for $10 in the next 12 months.

        • i am with Glenn here. the beta didnt interest me at all. i loved the bc2 beta (hated the bc2 demo though). loved bc2 enough to bother getting the platinum trophy. The prone to bf3 made it even more campy and i just see guys laying in the bushes, in a corner, on top of a med kit, spraying and praying non stop. this how i see rush being played by a lot of people. (link below)
          bf3 is bc2 without the fun

    • *Pique

      AND IT’S A FUCKING BETA DICKHEAD. When are people going to get it through their fucking skulls that it’s NOT any form of representation of the finished product, that it’s merely for bug testing and the like?

      • because the number of bugs and flaws in that game that I saw means that what is being released on thursday will not be a finished product

      • Chris, I do understand Beta, I work as a system admin and I regularly beta test software from Microsoft.

        The main reasons I decided to cancel my pre-order after playing the beta was because I didn’t even have enough time or care factor to play the Beta, why would I suddenly have more time or care factor to play the finished product? Frankly I’d rather spend my time with games I have a care about, like Uncharted, Batman and Halo Anniversary.

    • I’ve also come to realise that BF3 fans are about as childish and defensive as MW3 fans… I proclaim I cancelled my pre-order because I don’t really feel like playing it after the Beta, I get flamed… Enjoy BF3 dudes, I’m sure it’ll be great and beat the piss out of COD, it’s just not my thing (genuine comment, not sarcasm).

      • That was a broad generalisation. I think what you meant to say was that childish BF3 fans are just as bad as childish MW fans.

    • seriously amazed that people cancelled their pre-orders over the beta!!!!

      they stripped back the game soo much because they were stress testing servers. they werent trying to sell the game off the beta.

      in all honesty, any person stupid enough to cancel their pre-order will just go buy the game later when it is released and reviews come flooding in about how amazing it is.

      their loss though, they’ll have to pay for any pre-order bonus now.

      • How is the person who waits for a review stupid compared to the people who proclaim games they have never played game of the year?

        This is not targeted at you in particular or battlefield, but I have been threads recently where people write their favourite game of 2011 and they write things like Skyrim. How can the game that has given you the most enjoyment this year only be screenshots and preview videos?

    • 50 hours!! Look out for this guy. ;p

      Anyone who didn’t like the beta must not have got to play Caspian Border. I hated Metro and was getting worried. They released CB in Conquest mode and I was like ” Now this the game I’ve been waiting for!!!!!!”.

  • I cared a lot about BF3 until i played the Beta and it just ended up being another modern warfare “meh-fest”.

    I didn’t realise spider man was already out this week? That one really sneaks up on you…

    • I assume you only played the Metro map. That’s as MW as it gets. The conquest gameplay it COMPLETELY different. Give it a shot at release.

      • Ugh.. But the thing is, it still MW-ish when Battlefield fanboys claim the game is anything but COD. The fact is, the game has changed since EA went all “We’re taking down COD and Activision.” Making some parts of the game more like COD to cater to those gamers to make/sell more.

        I played the Beta & actually enjoyed it. But the thing is, a lot of people didn’t and it has changed their minds. Why hate on that? The Beta is STILL a form of representation of the product so you can STILL make judgement on the game from playing it. To some opinions it is wrong to do so and should reserve opinions on the FINAL product. I see both sides of the situation – I’m just sick of these Battlefield fanboys who have actually turned into what COD fanboys used to be, annoying.

  • Also – Ultimate Tenkachi.

    Does that mean they aren’t going toi make anymore.. because you can’t really say Ultimate Tenkachi 2… i mean, it would mean that 1 would have needed to of been called Penultimate Tenkachi

  • Honestly, I’m not that fussed about battlefield 3 myself, it’ll probably be excellent, but I have shooter fatigue.

    Also, can I encourage people not to buy Black water. I don’t understand why a developer would pay licensing fees to use the name of a company that has been implicated in a number of fairly despicable civilian casualties (and probable war crimes), but it means if you pay for a copy, money unnecessarily ends up with some pretty nasty folk. There’s a reason pmc’s are the bad guys in most games.

  • Man, Im starting to think DICE shouldnt have released the beta, considering the number of people that tried it PURELY as a demo… If CoD MW3 comes out with a beta-thats-pretty-much-a-demo, people’ll be all “THIS is a beta!” -__-

  • I wonder if there will be another street date smash this week, this time for Battlefield.

    Will be picking this up this week, actually haven’t played many shooters recently, so it will change it up even though I still need to finish Batman.

    Price drop pick ups (so likely next year or during the end of year sales) will be House Of The Dead Overkill & Spiderman Edge Of Time.

  • Wow, Glenn you dont understand that it was a beta you were playing minus everything that makes battlefield Battlefield!

    Im pump as can’t wait

  • Spiderman Shattered Dimensions was nice and Edge of Time looks like the same sort of thing, but I’ll wait until it gets cheaper.

    Anyway this week I will be playing “Stare at the mailbox until Dark Souls arrives” and possibly Riddler Trophy hunting in Arkham City.

  • I’ll be passing on Battlefield, it’s really just not my thing. Apparently Dance Central 2 came out last week but I didn’t see it for sale anywhere. I might pick that up this week if I can find it and depending on price.

    Of course that might only distract me from Batman, and MW3 comes out on two weeks so… we’ll see.

    • I saw it at EB.

      Heads up:
      If you want to transfer songs from Dance Central 1 you need a code from the manual of DC-1.

        • 400 points… and that’s if you have the manual.
          It’s not an option if you haven’t got DC-1.

          I traded mine in about 2 weeks ago, thinking I wouldn’t need it because I’d be buying DC-2… dammit.

          • What what? 400MSP to play a game I already have? SDVDGBADINADFBCNKDFBZDBN

            I might wait and see if it’s worth doing, in that case. I want to see what improvements there are in DC2 and if I really NEED to have my DC1 song library.
            There’s like 40 songs in DC2 including the greatest song ever written, Baby Got Back.

          • for 400 points I wouldn’t bother – IMO Dance Central’s great weakness was the asinine song selection. Hopefully the second installment has some better songs – Baby Got Back is a good start!

            I’m very interested to see if Kinect Sports will work as a yearly franchise which seems to be what they’re aiming for here.

            Also @ Mark – the first Motionsports was roundly panned, but hopefully the devs have since learned how the Kinect works because the problem was the tracking.

  • Eagerly awaiting my preorder for Battlefield 3. It’s the only preorder I have, and the only one I commited to without question. Yeah, the beta had its problems (PS3) but I enjoyed the hell out of it all the same.

    Now preparing for a Thursday/ Friday delivery and the usual server load problems which temporarily plagued BC2…

    Super pumped!!!

  • Will be waiting for the reviews for Battlefield 3. Will also wait and see if some of my online mates decide to pick it up as well. No point playing a MP focused game if they aren’t.

  • I’m interested to know if the Hulk Hogan wrestling game allows you to simulate ripping off your shirt and dropping the people’s elbow? If so then it is a day one purchase.

    I’ll also be moving a cabinet closer to the tv so I can drop an elbow from the top rope.

  • I cancelled my preorder because of Origin, call me dumb but I just couldn’t get past the UELA. Such a shame because it looked alright too..

  • BF3 – yawn. Pretty much everything has been a massive yawn fest of late, I’m using this time to work through my backlog of games and partake in the self-flagellation that is Dark Souls. Waiting patiently for Skyrim. =D

  • Spiderman o_O

    Try Spider-Man 🙂

    Fun Fact! There’s good reason for the use of the hyphen – back in the day, Stan Lee included the hyphen so as to ensure there wouldn’t be any confusion between his newly created character and DC’s Superman.

  • Wow, I feel so sorry for the people who believe Battlefield 3 is just “another drab shooter” or that it sucks because the beta was too buggy or they didn’t like the infantry-only map, Metro.

    Playing 64 player conquest on Caspian border is the most fun I have ever had in a Battlefield game, the most fun I have ever had in an FPS game.

    It was definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had while gaming and it was only a beta!

    I can’t wait for Battlefield 3 🙂

  • I’m really looking forward to BF3 and I hope the final release is much improved on the beta. One thing I have found strange though, I have pre-oredered and pre-loaded BF3 on Origin and it doesn’t unlock until 9am 27/10. Yes 27th is the release date, but you would think it would just past midnight? Anyone who gets a console version from a midnight launch will surely be able to take it home and play straight away. Why do Origin PC players have to wait until 9am? And, does that mean all PC players, even at retail, will have to wait until 9am because they have to install through Origin? I’d be pretty pissed off if I went to the trouble of going to a midnight launch and not be able to play it once I got home and installed it.

    I’m annoyed because I’m on late shifts this week and will be home by 11pm and was hoping to start playing at midnight 🙁

    • There’s a video on Youtube for server browser for the 360, it showed an option to limit your search options down to “Australia” (and even Japan of all places) as well as having ping bars for the servers. There’s a really good chance they will have them but I’m still going to wait until after the release to find out from other players.

  • I don’t have a pre-order on BF3 yet because I still can’t decide between PC (oooh shiny) and xbox (controller – I suck at k/b and mouse control compared to everyone else)

    • Bro – There is really no choice as long as you have an average PC.

      Low-Medium on the PC will still look better than the consoles (Because they are 6 years old!)

      PC has 64 players maximum and bigger maps to allow for that, 360/PS3 players get 24 players maximum and smaller maps.

      And it doesn’t matter if you suck with keyboard/mouse bro, you can learn. Or you can even just plug your 360/PS3 controller into your PS3 and use it, yeah you will be at a disadvantage but perhaps not as much as if you were to use kb/m ?

      I’ve used my 360 controller on the BF3 beta and still killed heaps of people and I’m not even that great, not to mention 360 controllers are WAY better at handling all the vehicles.

      Saying PC is better “just because” is absolutely moronic but in this case the reasons why you should get it on PC are right in front of you – It really isn’t the same game on consoles.

  • Mark, I’m intrigued: last week you questioned the purpose of videogame reviews, and now you’re recommending that we wait for them before purchasing Blackwater or Spiderman:EoT.

    Maybe those numbers have a use after all? :p

  • Has anyone actually read the recent multiplayers previews/hands-on since the BETA?? If you read, they actually state it plays same as BC2, the BETA didn’t resemble the finished product. Atleast 7 day it instead of making a fuss

    • “If you read, they actually state it plays same as BC2”

      That’s what I was dreading.

      Stupid DICE, they should’ve just remade BF2 with the new engine.

  • I want to get good at being a chopper pilot… but I don’t want the months of abuse I’ll recieve whilst getting good.

  • How many people have to say that they are worried about BF3 after the beta until the fans stop shouting at us?

    At what point is it recognised that perhaps EA is at fault for how they’ve explained it?

    (PS, I have been put at ease greatly, but was once in the group that was worried.)

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