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This week in games — it's been a while folks, but this one appears to be a humdinger or sorts. Of course, there'll be bigger weeks to come in the lead up to Christmas, but still. Good to see top games on shelves.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (360/PS3) What is it? What? Another Ace Combat... where did this come from? Should you care? I'm going to be completely honest and say this - no pun intended - was completely under my radar! I know very little about this game.

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (360/PS3) What is it? Frank West is back and has his SLR slung over those broad, muscular shoulder of his. Should you care? This might feel a bit stop-gappy, but still — I missed the camera mechanic in Dead Rising 2.

Forza Motorsport 4 (360) What is it? Probably the most definitive racer on the market. Should you care? See above. Apparently it's a little bit spiffy.

Just Dance 3 (360/Wii) What is it? Dance juggernaut gets it's third effort. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Should you care? It's easy to dismiss this, but when I mentioned I'd seen this late last week at a Ubisoft event, the girls in the office went bananas. Ryan Gosling could've walked naked wearing a bow and they wouldn't have blinked an eyelid.

Marvel Super Hero Squad (DS) What is it? Sorry, what is this game? Man... Should you care? Man, I'm sorry. I don't know. At a guess? Probably not.

Might And Magic Heroes VI (PC) What is it? Turn based strategy effort gets another sequel. Should you care? Not my thing, really. But go nuts!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (360/PS3) What is it? Former soccer king keeps on trucking. Should you care? I remember last year's installment really was a step in the right direction. But it's hard for me to look past FIFA nowadays.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (360/PS3/PC/Wii/DS) What is it? Another entry into this top notch kid's series. Should you care? I've always thought the Spyro games were solid.


    Bee and i were babysitting her 6 year old little sister on saturday and sunday, and all she wanted to do was 'play racing' all weekend.
    So i whipped out the wheel for her and we played Forza 3 - it really is the best of all simu-racers, IMO. I'm betting 4 will be even better.

    Also, almost forgot about DR2:OtR - i'll have to pick that up some time.

    ALSO ALSO - really keen to check out ACe combat - i haven't played one since the AWESOME one on the original Playstation.

    If you didn't know about the new Ace Combat, I have to assume you're not a fan of the series, or you'd be raging over it like all the rest of us.

    You should fix that and go play the older ones, Mark. They're amazing.

      Can totally agree with you there. I don't mind the gameplay mechanics so much as the focus on setting.

      Suffice to say, I miss Strangereal.

      I never played an Ace Combat till trying the demo the other day - I gotta say I came away really impressed with the flying controls and the whole dogfighting system!

    You shou;dn't care about Dead Rising off the record. Why? Because it should have been in the original DR2 or at least released as DLC.

    Screw Capcom, they pull this crap with every game they make. Never buying a Capcom game again.

      Ok, stop drinking all the vinegar - it's making you bitter as hell

        But honestly capcom are very good at doing that, look at the street fighter series! But as long as people keep buying them they will keep selling them!

          Street fighter really is no excuse - but what i understand about this new addition to dead rising is that it's got a different story, more stuff, and added features (such as the camera) - which could potentially justify a disc release.

          I mean, if people don't agree with it, then just don't buy it.
          Chances are that if it were availble as DLC it would be close to the same price as importing a hard copy from UK anyway.

          ...ok SLIGHTLY more expensive

          I mean you usually pay around the $25 mark for "premium" dlc anyway, right?

    Hey guys, just a though - it seems like a bit of a given that the vast majority of the Kotaku AU audience import games from elsewhere (largely the US). Would we be able to also get a copy of the US release list (perhaps just the US Kotaku Week in Games post with a note marking it as the US one)? With the exception of AAA games, they're generally pretty different.

    My RSS feed is to you guys, but if I actually want to know everything that's coming out and available to me I either have to go to another site entirely, or to the US Kotaku site for their Week in Games. It'd be great to get both lists each week.

    Nothing this week excites me hugely - Might and Magic Heroes VI is tempting but not enough for a first week buy. I'll wait for a Steam sale.

      I thought it was the U.K? Where in the US do you use if i may ask?

        I largely use Play-Asia, but a significant number of our imports are NISA/Atlus games - Disgaea 4, Catherine, etc - so we get those direct from the NISA store. Both are pretty solid and when the dollar is good the prices are great. NISA Online shipped Disgaea 4 to us two weeks early, because they wanted to make sure all their preorders had arrived with their customers by launch day.

        A bit of a case in point this week - here's the US release list.
        Among others that don't feature here but which could be easily imported, there's a Rune Factory game. Which I had totally not realised was due for release until I went to check it. ;)

          wait - if they are featured on the US site, why would you need them here, where you can just - you know - go to the US site?

            The AU site goes straight to my Google Reader account, where I read it in my coffee breaks - to go to the US site from Australia you need to find what method they haven't blocked on any given day (since us.kotaku doesn't seem to work any more) and then find the Week in Games tag from there.

            It's a pain in the arse and it was something I thought would serve more than just me, for little effort. I guess not. ;)

              It's actually
              That should always work, mate :)

                That gets me to the wacky new layout and I'm having trouble find my way to anything on it, much less their Week In Games for this week, but thanks. :)

                My method of find the list prior to my initial post was:
                1. Go to, find that that method doesn't work any more
                2. Google 'kotaku us'
                3. Find a Whirlpool thread discussing how to access the US site, after the first few results all redirected back to the AU site.
                4. Use a link within the Whirlpool thread to get to the main site.
                5. Luck out because the Week in Games post was still on the front page.

                Total pain in the arse. ;) I dunno, I still think it would be a useful resource for the AU site that would be little effort for the team.

                  man that does sound like a hassle and a hoff

                  Anyway, my response to this is in my response below lol

       - this always works for me! Then I just hit the Kotaku logo to get to page 1. And that is the blog layout not the new stupid layout that shows stories that are 3 days old

            Thank you kindly.

      When i import i use the zavvi, ozgameshop, i haven't ever really used USA imports before!

      Who imports from the US?

      1. Region is completely different unless you can snag a copy that isn't region protected
      2. Shipping is INSANE

      Most everyone imports from either Asia or, more often, the UK.

      AND we are usually in line with European release dates, so it would be the same.

      PLUS if you do order from other sites, more specifically in America, they always have lists of pre-orders and new releases - so it would really be a waste of time for Kotaku AU to do anything like that.

        1. Depends on what platform you're looking at, I guess - PS3, PSP and DS are totally unlocked and at the moment that's where a lot of our playtime is. The 360 would be a different matter but I haven't unboxed it since we moved, so. ;)
        2. For our purchases lately, importing from Asia/UK hasn't been an option OR the prices have been comparable, if not better for importing from the US.

        I assume it wouldn't be a big deal to just pass through another post each week from the posts they already receive from the US site - and surely I'm not the only person who would find it useful to have my release lists all in one place?

          I think the main problem would be the excess amounts of trolls that post all the "omg wtf is this US bullsh** - f*** off we're in australia!"

          I mean when something even SLIGHTLY not-related to games hits the site, it's like a troll frenzy.
          So yeah, my guess is that.

          I've given you a link for the US site above that should always work, but also you might want to contact mark about maybe starting up a monthly post about imports
          a "This month in imports" sort of thing, maybe?

          Also, i've noticed that not a lot of stuff about imports comes up on here anyway - i'd be, one again, assuming that this is because of a possible lashing from AU-based companies.

          I mean a lot of the support for this site comes from publishers and distributors in Australia - I mean, why would AU based outlets offer up stuff for prizes if the site is encouraging people to buy overseas?

          Know what i mean?

            IMO, All that would really be needed is a direct link to the US post, rather than needing to dive into a link that won't directly lead you to want rather than having to go through workarounds to get to the right site, and then search for the article.

            Trolls are trolls are trolls - if they don't bitch about that it'll be their usual 'why bother posting articles from Bashcraft', etc.

            Yeah, the imports versus. support from local distributors is potentially an issue, but given that a lot of the games that would be on the US list and not the AU - half of them don't make it here anyway, or at least not in any reasonable timeframe, so for those interested they're already losing those sales to importers.

            I absolutely see where you're coming from, but I think the potential benefit outweighs the risk of trolls.

              well thats why i thought about a monthly post rather than a weekly post - i think that would satisfy everyone without creating too many problems

        PS3/PSP/DS are all region free systems.

        "Most everyone imports from either Asia or, more often, the UK.

        AND we are usually in line with European release dates, so it would be the same."

        That would be why you import from sites that import from the US - the release dates are totally different from EU and US.

        "2. Shipping is INSANE"

        Importing US versions of the game doesn't require the people who are shipping it from you to be in the US - a good example is Playasia. Also, not everyone has extreme shipping prices, such as the store (NISA).

        "PLUS if you do order from other sites, more specifically in America, they always have lists of pre-orders and new releases – so it would really be a waste of time for Kotaku AU to do anything like that."

        Oh, guess we don't need this thread at all -

    What happened to spyros face! How terrible. Does anyone remember the secret demo of spyro on crash bandicoot 3? I think i played that just as much as crash. Simpler times.

    Mark, do you know anything about the PC release of Dead Rising 2, off the record? It's apparently supposed to be released on Thursday, but everywhere I look it just isn't listed anywhere. The hell?

    i've had a PES 2012 promo for 2 weeks. Whilst it is a major improvement on 2011, FIFA 12 blows it out of teh water with the impact engine.

    PES 2012 is better than FIFA 11 though. Seabass just couldn't catch up this year!.

    If I was wasn't going on holidays, I would be picking up Ace Combat: Assault Horizon this week. :)

    Forza 4 - it be good.

    The demo i played for the new ace combat made me want to cry.
    I have only played one of the previous games on psp, and it was pure awesome.

    This new one is like a flight simulator on rails half the time.

      The exact same response from myself. I have loved past ace combat games, and have been following assault horizon since its announcement.
      Then I played the demo and could not believe what filth it was.... just horrible horrible horrible flight controls.
      It felt like a matter of MOAR SPLOSIONS RAWWRRR!!!!
      If I had purchased this game and experienced that gameplay, I would not be a happy camper at all.

        Agreed, I got real bored of the demo, real quick.
        Especially the chopper sections, so very dull.

    at least dealing with Australians, we can manage to pronounce Forza correctly :p
    I cringe whenever I hear americans talk about "Fortsa"...

      Isn't that the correct pronunciation?
      You have to put that subtle 't' in there because thats how the italians say it.

        well correct pronunciation is subjective, and region based.
        We also pronounce the car model as "impreza", whereas americans pronounce it "impretsa". I see the argument regarding the italian pronunciation, however I thought that to add the 't' sound there, it was double z, as in pizza.

          Well if you don't know how to pronounce "forza" then what you think about how to pronounce Italian words probably isn't worth much... :P

            Thats not what I think, its how impreza and pizza are both pronounced here, lol.

    Im getting Forza soon. didnt even know about dead rising but i think i had my fill on DR2. I played that heaps and dont really need to go back there.

    Mark, while I did laugh at your description of Marvel Super Hero Squad you missed a brilliant opportunity to respond to the 'What is it?' question with 'IT'S MAHVEL BAYBEE!!!'

    To the haters whining about dead rising, it's a brand new game.. Gone is stupid timer, 2P's stats actually carry over now, new weapons, tweaked graphics, new story!!

      Plus - he's covered wars y'know.

        So, he's going to be the protagonist in WarCo too?

    This week in games: the games you'll be waiting delivery for all month.

    The Dept Store catalogues are going hard this week for Spyro (Target at $80 seems to be the best price so far) Considering it for my daughter who loves the PS2 Spyro games, but I can't find anywhere that says how the hell it all works so not sure about it till I see some reviews.

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