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It has begun. The ungodly flurry of top quality releases has already kicked off in earnest with Dark Souls, Gears of War 3, FIFA 12, Forza 4, et al. It continues this week with Batman: Arkham City - and we're just getting started. My poor bank balance...

Obviously Batman: Arkham City, being that it's a genuine game of the year contender and all, is top of this week's shopping list - but Dance Central 2 is also coming out.

Who's with me guys! Guys?

Batman Arkham City (360/PS3) What is it? The best licensed game ever made? Some people think so. Should you care? Care of Batman will tear out your intestines, chuck it in a pot, and baby - you got yourself a stew! (Yes, you should bloody well care!)

Captain America (DS) What is it? Didn't this movie come out ages ago? Should you care? No.

Dance Central (360) What is it? The sequel to my second favourite game on Kinect (Child of Eden 4 Lyfe, yo). Should you care? If you have Kinect, and friends, then yes.

Dance Star Party (PS3) What is it? A game that allows you to dance and stuff I presume. Should you care? I'm sure there are a zillion better dance games out there.

Football Manager 2012 (PC) What is it? The definitive football management sim. Should you care? Far too intimidating for me, but the hardcore will enjoy.

The Sims 3 Pets (PC) What is it? The final death gasp of a brand in decline. Should you care? "Please... let me die!"


    OMG OMG OMG!!!



      Omg omg so am I! SIMS PETS YAYAYAYAY!

      Makes sure you use the online pass to activate the female cat in the game. She will make a good pet.

        I see what you did there...

    Batmangs! Oh ozgameshop, please make this a quick delivery, I don't have time for your 2-3 weeks antics!

      Its usually not to bad for me. About 6 business days.

        I live in the Pilbara and things have varied wildly. I got Space Marine in seven working days from release, but I'm still waiting on my Gears of War 3 collectors edition.

          I'm in the Pilbara got Gears 3 last Friday on the 14th.

      Yeah, this is how i'm feeling right now.
      Fly like the wind little game delivery stork!

    Buying Batman locally, I'm still waiting for the stork to deliver Dark Souls but I cannot wait for Batman!

    Batman is a local buy for me. Going to lose myself in Gotham for a few days this week. bugger the rest of my game library

    It needs to be done...

    Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!

    Carry On! :D

      How does Batman's mum call him in for supper?

      "Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, Batman!".

      My mum told me that joke in 1984, wasn't till about a decade later I realised the terrible irony of it, Batman's mum being dead and all.

    I ordered it on PC so I'ma have to wait for Arkham City but I started AA on hard and still have GoW3 to finish on insane so I think I can make it...*twitches*

    hehehehehe... I'll be honest that I asked that question to google before posting, just too make sure... but now that I know, I'll always know!

      damn it, thought I clicked reply to Lone Wolf

    Exams next week and 5 assignments due this week, such a poor time for all these amazing games to come out.

    My head is going to explode if Arkham City does not arrive at my door by the end of the week. I NEED MY BAT PORN NOW!

    I've got the day off today - start new job tomorrow - someone break the street date today! Do it!

    I pre ordered 2 copies of Batman. One from GAME - The Special Edition and the standard edition from JB. So I get the Dark Knight Returns skin, Batman Beyond skin, Animated Batman skin, Earth One skin, Robin skin, Red Robin skin and DLC... plus the statue and soundtrack and some other crap. I really just wanted a copy of the game in the standard PS3 game case so I can pop it on my shelf (pile of shame). 2 days to go!


      I like the amount of disposable income you have. Tell me, do you a need a man-servant ala Alfred?

    All you poor bastards trying to juggle exams and videogames.
    Glad I finished my studying days in '93.

    But seriously, good luck to you all!


      [Remembers being married and the timesink that is]

      [Weeps heartily]

        Wait till you've got a 12 year old who phones you at work.

        "Dad! Dark Souls came in the post today. I just killed the first big monster by jumping off..."

        Can kotaku host a brofist.jpg we can link to one another?

      Fortunately I don't have to worry about exams right now, either. However, I do have a girlfriend taking me away from my 'special alone time' with Dark Souls.

        Luckily enough my girlfriend just left me in time for batman, perfect timing!
        *weeps uncontrollably*

          Tears of happiness?

    On this subject. Does anyone want to write a 4000 word research essay for me on the Great Fire of London and a 15,000 word history thesis so that I have time to play Batman? It would be very much appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

      I can't remember the exact details but I recall it was started when the Tom Baker version of Dr Who killed these aliens who looked a bit like the things from the Dark Crystal, just throw a couple of 'therefore's in there and something about human spirit and you're done.

        Dr Who, you say? Done, and done... I'm can't give you any credit though - academic discipline and all that nonsense. :)

    Football Manager too hardcore for a Scot?


      He meant to say "It's not hardcore enough, and it won't be until they patch in the Glasgow kiss / torch cars / knife other players features that the community has been demanding".

    How the hell am I goingto finish Heroes of Might & Magic VI when Batman appears

    So I give it two weeks for Batman to get here from Ozgameshop... What are my chances of finishing dark souls, xenoblade and ico/sotc in that time?

      Apparently you can finish Dark Souls in 87 minutes.

        I soooooo want to watch that vid but I just can't I need to finish the game myself.

    I often wondered how we get our various piles of shame...

    Space Marine, GoW3, Rage (I like it), Forza 4, Batman :AC. All week after week. Gears I've finished with for now but Space Marine I've barely touched and I love it... Now I'm playing Rage and a little Forza but what will happen when Batman gets here...

    I haven't even got Xenoblade yet, and what about Skyward Sword... I don't seem to have the time let alone the cash.

    Can a store please break the street date for Arkham City? I want my collectors edition now.

    Damn you Serrles, totally forgot about Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

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