This Week In The Business: 'Sony's Bad-Mouthing Microsoft At Every Corner'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week...

QUOTE | "Sony's bad-mouthing Microsoft at every corner." — Indie developer Guillaume Boucher-Vidal talks about his frustrations and why he lashed out at Sony and fellow developer Team Meat in an apology letter.

QUOTE | "Xbox Live Arcade's health is flagging." — Ron Carmel of 2D Boy (World of Goo) describes at length why developers are leaving Xbox Live Arcade, partially because working with Microsoft is "excruciating".

QUOTE | "iPhone 4S is like a console game in the palm of your hand." — Namco Bandai's Executive Producer of mobile entertainment, Jonathan Kromrey, is one of numerous developers lavishing praise upon Apple's next iPhone.

QUOTE | "WoW had no competition for 7 years." — Trion Worlds CEO Lars Buttler talks about the success of his company's fantasy MMO Rift, which he says is the "most serious competitor WoW's ever had".

QUOTE | "Gamers losing faith in the house that Mario built." — Veteran columnist Chris Morris examines the mounting challenges Nintendo faces with Wii U and outlines five major hurdles.

STAT | 15 million — The number of Kindle Fire units that Strategy Analytics estimates will be sold by 2013, as Amazon's new tablet is seen as a viable competitor to the iPad.

QUOTE | "A world in which everybody plays games." — EA and Digital Chocolate founder Trip Hawkins discusses the evolution of the business from consoles to mobile and browser-based titles, and how it's opened up gaming to everyone.

QUOTE | "The first generation of social games." — EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich asserts that the social games sector is about to enter the next generation as genres mature and games improve.

QUOTE | "Really maximising the value of PS3 and PSN." — Susan Panico, senior director of PlayStation Network at SCEA, explains how Sony's luring developers to PSN and securing exclusives by giving developers plenty of promotion.

STAT | 17 per cent — The jump in game downloads among kids in the last two years, as NPD says that kids are increasingly looking towards digital entertainment.

QUOTE | "Mobile right up there with anything else." — BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk talks about his company's interest in making more mobile extensions to BioWare's top franchises.

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    RAGE is F'n awesome!

    Rift thinks it's a challenge to WoW? That's hilarious.

    Having broken my WoW addiction earlier this year, I did try Rift at launch. It's WoW with a twist of lemon, and very boring very fast.

    Come on SW:TOR.

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