This Week In Uncharted... I Mean Games!

There's not many games coming out this week — three to be precise — but one of them is Uncharted 3, so that's a big deal right?

It's been good actually. Publishers have managed to space out the big releases quite nicely, meaning that I've actually been able to almost keep up with all the new releases. I finished Batman: Arkham City over the weekend, so I'm completely ready for Uncharted 3. Usually my brain would be all, 'argh, I don't have time to play this awesome game'. This time? I'm ready and waiting. COME TO ME, UNCHARTED 3!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (Wii) What is it? The Wii version of football's second most popular game. Should you care? Actually — you totally should. This is the best football game on the Wii by miles. Some actually prefer it to FIFA on the HD consoles.

Sonic Generations (360/PS3) What is it? A new Sonic game you silly billy! Should you care? Reviews seem to suggest it might be the first Sonic in ages to hurdle mediocrity into 'little bit good' territory.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3) What is it? The franchise that is increasingly becoming everyone's reason for owning a PS3. Should you care? Unless you're one of those folks who has a real issue with set-piece style gaming, you must play this game.


    A little birdy tells me Big W will start selling Uncharted 3 early ;)

      How early? Monday 31st Early?

        That would be so good! I think Tuesday-Wednesday it'll break the street - if it does; Kotaku be sure to spread the word!

      After the EA debarcle last week this is exactly what I warned of. If companies don't see publishers punishing companies for selling early, they will ignore street dates and just start selling

      Meaning you guys will run about forever trying to find uncharted rather than just walking in and buying it.

      I'm living in Germany and its already on sale here!
      Its awesome so far... :P

    Taking bets on street date break for Uncharted 3.

    I have Sonic and Uncharted preordered at EB. Hopefully both break street date at the same time so I don't have to make two trips.

    I can see Uncharted street breaking, keeping with the tradition of retailers pissing publishers off. . .

    Sonic won't street break though, Not enough people care. . .

    This article caused me to find out War in the North isn't out here the same time as Europe :( Meh, Uncharted a go go baby.

    Explorer Edition here I come! Just when they maybe! :)

    Played the Sonic Generations demo also and it's not terrible, very fast and crazy, the new and old thing they are doing is something they should continue.

      Just actually re-read my post, I have no idea what my other thought was to mash that random fragment together.

    Im going to start ringing EBGames half hourly to try to make them break the street date. I want that game BAD! BREAK THE DATE -BREAK THE DATE!

    And now for the first worldiest first world problem, I don't know if I'll be able to spend my leisure time playing a particular video game because I'll be using it to attempt to write a novel during this month.

    So super sadface.

      I know your pain. I've put a blanket ban on buying any games until I've got my Android game to alpha.

      Arkham City and Uncharted are calling to me... and I really hope that I'm done by the time Max Payne 3 hits...

    theres a more then those 3 games coming out this week lord of the rings war of the north and goldeneye reloaded

    well just goldenye now lotr has been delayed till 16th less then a week from its release

    I want the ring, but not the Explorer Edition. Have the special edition pre-ordered at Harvey Norman.

    Anyone looking to offload the ring from the Explorer Edition??

      If you pre-ordered at EB Games you could have gotten the $109 special (journal) edition with tons of DLC, a PS3 decal and the ring!

    Somebody is forgetting Goldeneye007 Reloaded releases on Wednesday, can't wait to play my favourite N64 game again.

      Where are you getting Wednesday from? The EU date has it for the 5th (on wikipedia, was the 4th last week). Also in EB I saw a trailer stating the 4th (Friday).

        GAME has it listed for release on the 2nd november, my source tells me the stock has arrived already.

          Awesome!! Will be keen to grab it Wednesday for sure :D

    Hey Mark, just a suggestion, could you include all listings of games to be released for this segment? Including like iPhone or Xbox Live Arcade games? Would be awesome knowing the full list of every new game out there each week.

    Uncharted 3, House of the Dead, Dark souls, Zelda, Ass Rev, SM3DL.
    Job, partner, kids.

    Anyone got any time they want to sell me?

    What is it doctor?... It's his time. It's running out.

    Big W and Target tell me that they have not recieved the actuall game as yet.

    I don't think Wednesday would be out of the question.

    i ordered the explorer edition online from EB. i will be sad if it gets released early. i probably wont receive mine in the mail until thursday or friday.

    My EB manager friend told me they are getting it today.
    I asked him to break street date as soon as he gets it, to no response.

    A street date break of Uncharted is a better bet than the best horse in the Melbourne Cup

      Actually, this is the best time to do it... everyone stops for the big race, so if a few copies get sold, next thing you know someone at Sony gets called when the race is about to start, orders the game to be sold and we're off and racing! :)

    Next week Mark, next shall be epic :D

    Hope it breaks today ಠ_ಠ

    I know, having Cup day to play through it would be amazing.

    Hey Mark, no Rabbids do Kinect lovin'?

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