This Week In Uncharted… I Mean Games!

This Week In Uncharted… I Mean Games!

There’s not many games coming out this week — three to be precise — but one of them is Uncharted 3, so that’s a big deal right?

It’s been good actually. Publishers have managed to space out the big releases quite nicely, meaning that I’ve actually been able to almost keep up with all the new releases. I finished Batman: Arkham City over the weekend, so I’m completely ready for Uncharted 3. Usually my brain would be all, ‘argh, I don’t have time to play this awesome game’. This time? I’m ready and waiting. COME TO ME, UNCHARTED 3!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (Wii) What is it? The Wii version of football’s second most popular game. Should you care? Actually — you totally should. This is the best football game on the Wii by miles. Some actually prefer it to FIFA on the HD consoles.

Sonic Generations (360/PS3) What is it? A new Sonic game you silly billy! Should you care? Reviews seem to suggest it might be the first Sonic in ages to hurdle mediocrity into ‘little bit good’ territory.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (PS3) What is it? The franchise that is increasingly becoming everyone’s reason for owning a PS3. Should you care? Unless you’re one of those folks who has a real issue with set-piece style gaming, you must play this game.


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