This Week's Cosplay Is Out Of This World

As usual, there was a lot of great cosplay on show around the world last week, but I'd like to specifically point out the Samara (Mass Effect) in the image above.

Yes, that's cosplay. Not a screenshot. The reason it looks so close to the "real" thing (and why this is so awesome) is that the model is Rana McAnear. Or, the lady who actually played the role of Samara for BioWare in Mass Effect 2.

You can see more of those amazing pics at Dark Stars photography (via Super Punch).

As for the rest of this week's cosplay content, there's more Catherine (yay!), a Left 4 Dead Witch that's super creepy, a new shot of an oldie (but a goodie) from costumed superstar Omi Gibson, some Alice, some Final Fantasy IV and some Zelda.

And much, much more.

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it... yeah.

As seen on Katy-Angel.

As seen on BiZria.

As seen on xXMoonlilXx.

As seen on zahnpasta.

As seen on EnjiNight.

As seen on ChocolateDecadence.

As seen on Yukilefay.

As seen on etaru.

As seen on 0kasane0.

As seen on Attyca.

As seen on AKIOMI.

As seen on Schattenflamme.

As seen on BanzaiProductions.

As seen on TraumaCentreGrrl.

As seen on RainerTachibana.

As seen on Akai-Ritsuka.

As seen on CrystalPanda.


    This is by far my favourite regular article these days, some amazing stuff. Was so sad when I realised it was Cloud from KH and not Bakuryu :( :(

      +1 - agreed, love the cosplay.

    Love the 4 Swords Link!
    Ezio would've looked way better if it wasn't for the obviously plastic sword on his back.

    Some really great stuff in here, including the best witch I have ever seen... Those hands!

    I like the ticked-off looking Chell - glad to be rid of that bloody potato.

    I'd startle that witch, if you know what I mean. ;)

      You'd get too close and have her maul you to death, tearing chunks of flesh off with her mutated claws?

    Every male JRPG cosplayer must be either fat and out of shape, or laughably skinny to the point they look like even bigger pussies than the characters they're emulating. There's no middle ground.

    The Alice cosplay is awesome.

    The Portal cosplay is AWESOME.
    The Ezio one is pretty good too, but it would be more awesome if they'd used more accurate materials.

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