Tilting, Swiping, Tapping My Way Through A Bit Of Rhythm Thief

Sega's upcoming 3DS rhythm game, Rhythm Thief, is a fun mash-up of music, mini games and colourful animation.

It's a little bit Elite Beat Agent, a little bit Rhythm Heaven.You play as the Rhythm Thief as you dance fight your way through Paris stealing treasures and fighting enemies with your cool moves. The whole game is built around a surreal plot that involves Napoleon Bonaparte. But frankly, you're not going to be playing this game for the story.

Fortunately, the cute, colourful animation (helped along quite nicely with deft use of 3D) and the game's assortment of rhythm game modes makes for a easy-to-pick-up, hard-to-put-down game.

I checked out four modes of the game, though I was told there would be many more.

In the Showtime level I had to follow icons on the screen, swiping the bottom touch screen with the stylus to a beat. In the Battle Diabolique level I had to use the A button and directional pad, again following directions. Le Getaway had me pressing the a button to jump and b button to slide as The Phantom Thief ran from cops across a roof. It was still set to music. The final mode I checked out was called Throwdown. In this final level, it had me tilting the 3DS left, right and forward as I tried to avoid a slapping Alfred.

They sound super easy, and they were, but it was still a lot of fun.


    Not bad... I'm interested in picking this up myself now.

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