Time To Get Up Close And Personal With Sony's PlayStation TV

This November, Sony is releasing a PlayStation-branded 3D television display. The Tokyo-based electronics giant recently showed off the TV, along with new 3D glasses.

Websites Game Impress Watch and 4Gamer were on hand to check out the hardware and take photos of the display, the glasses, and knees.

The 3D Display is priced at ¥44,980 (US$591), the glasses are ¥5,980 ($79), and the knees are priceless.

Check out Kotaku's eyes-on impressions of the display from earlier this year.

「3Dディスプレイ」と「3Dメガネ」を11月2日に発売 [Game Watch Impress]

PlayStationブランドの立体視対応ディスプレイ [4Gamer]


    I'm not sold on the shape or it's usefulness for anyone who doesn't live in a shoebox (LUXURY!). But with a more advanced take on fullscreen multiplayer gaming, it'll be interesting and cool to see how the tech develops over time, hopefully becoming a standard feature in games.

    Also, "and the knees are priceless", wtf Bashcraft?

    Does it do free to air? Like TV? I see no extra Ports.

    Ugh, active shutter glasses need to die already. No one cares about the supposed benefits (or the disadvantages) other than they are expensive and look crap.

    it looks cheap

    They should of gone for a more glossy finish for the back or at least colour it black.

    As for the TV, it would of been better to build the playstation into the TV's. I dont understand why all SONY TV's dont have PS3 built into them at this late stage of the life cycle.

    It'd be good for dorm students, but for a boss like me I'll stick to my 40 inch Bravia

    It looks like a giant PSP Go lol.

    I was contemplating getting one - til I saw this pic of the glasses... I think I just threw up a lil in my mouth

    Do you think her mother told her not to sit that close to the tv or she will get square eyes...

    If it works well for the 360 also I might consider it.

    Yep, that knees are priceless comment is creepy.

    I can't be the only one who read this as Playstation IV.

      Umm its says TV and has a picture of a TV...

      Don't worry... you wheren't the only one (Also I hate hyper shiny screens like that, so much glare...)

    I don't see why anyone would buy one?

    Progress of TVs.
    Smaller with uncomfy ugly glasses!

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