Tonight At Macquarie University: GAME And The Politics Of Play

GAME, a three day event created by Macquarie University celebrating video games as a rapidly growing area of Academic Research, kicks off tonight — with a free public debate titled The Politics of Play. A host of top names are set to feature in the debate including Professor Terry Flew, Dr Jeff Brand and Dr Peter Chen.

It seems like a great mix of decision makers, influencers and experts and we're very keen to see what they have to say. The focus will be on classification and the various ways games have influenced politics and vice versa.

But tonight's debate is just the first in three days of what promises to be a great event. Tomorrow will see 'Theorycraft' get under way - a series of presentations including keynotes by Ian Bogost and Espen Aarseth.

For more information head to the GAME website.


    Wish I could go to this thing. But I'm full up with uni work today and tomorrow. :(

      Ditto got 2 assessments due for tomorrow, only half way through one! Already pulled an all-nighter last night. I was keen as for this presentation :/

    Damn university, won't pay for the air tickets to attend!

    Goddamn Sydney events. Perhaps a relocation of my habitat is in order.

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