Toys Come To Life This Weekend In Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

We're only a few short days away from the Sunday release of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, Activision's ambitious melding of video game and collectible action figures, two of my favourite things. Let's take a look at five of the 32 plastic heroes taking up arms this weekend.

Having collected action figures since I was old enough to make ridiculous purchases without anyone complaining and having some small connection to proud practice of video game playing, how can I not be at least a little excited about scanning my toys into a grand virtual adventure? Sure, most of the data is already on the disc, but my little plastic friends will remember my adventures no matter where they go, hopping effortlessly from Xbox 360 to Wii to 3DS. I could even take them over to my friends' houses and play, were I 30 years younger with friends that weren't mainly located on the internet.

These babies better hurry up and grow so I can start living vicariously through them.


    yes, but how does it work?

      +1 My question exactly

      Looks interesting - but what the hell is it - what to the figures actually do and what is the game about?

        There's a scanner than you put the toys on and then you can play as them in-game.

        Despite being childish, the game looks fun as. It's good to see a new game for younger audiences on PS3 and XB360.

    Man, that game looks crap WITHOUT the shitty pay in real life for action figures tack on.

    I was hoping this wouldn't turn into just another marketing ploy using real life things that connect to your computer (it's been done many times before) and provide data to a generic game. I'm a little amused that they would use the Spyro name though to sell it when the game looks like it has nothing to do with him and the people that know Spyro have far outgrown this kind of thing.

    Now, if they were tabletop gaming pieces that would translate to a 3D playing field (Kind of like what Eye of Judgement tried to be) then I'd be more inclined to part with my lunch money.

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