Tribes: Ascend Closed Beta Set For November 4

Tribes: Ascend Closed Beta Set For November 4

A Starsiege: Tribes player from way back (when it was in the hands of Sierra and Dynamix) I’ve been closely following the development of Hi-Rez Studios’ Tribes: Ascend. While I’m wary of the class-based gameplay and the gun models taking up uncomfortable amounts of screen real estate, I am prepared to give it a chance.

Hopefully there will be more info to digest soon, with the game hitting closed beta next month. Studio CEO Todd Harris confirms the date of November 4 in the interview above. It’s not locked in stone, but Harris says the team is “working hard” to make it happen.

As long as I can don heavy armour and drop mortars on my enemies, I’ll be happy. Mostly.


  • beta beta beta, it seems all mutliplayer games must have a beta or what i like to call a mutliplayer demo. If you have patients and a joy for signing up to a range of different forums you could probably bunny hop from beta to beta and never pay for a mutliplayer game again.

    Well the people who roam every game forum posting “is there a beta?” as quickly as they join will be happy to know that now most games do.

    • Common misconception: the beta is a demo.

      That’s false. Beta versions of a game are unfinished, and they’re being released to the public to play because thousands of gamers finding bugs and reporting them (as well as gameplay feedback) is Much more efficent than 20 or so people.

    • You’re one of the reasons EA are regretting the BF3 beta; fools not understanding beta is beta, and not a demo.

    • You’re the guy who plays a beta then, instead of providing bug reports and feedback, jumps on the respective forum with posts titled..


      You’re actually probably not that guy, but this is what happens when you confuse a beta with a demo.. Don’t be that guy.

  • Take it from someone who has played. With everything going on, you don’t even have time to notice the gun on your own screen.

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