Turning Video Game Food Into Real, Delicious Food

Daniella Zelli is making me hungry. She runs a website called Gourmet Gaming, which exists solely to take the food found in video games and bring it into the real world.

Notice how video games never really feature bad food? It's always pies, or drumsticks, or pizza. The good stuff. Stuff that Zelli takes to with relish, with recent dishes including a pizza from Dead Rising 2, Fable II's apple pie, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night's cheesecake, pictured above. All perfectly recreated, all looking absolutely delicious.

For Halloween, she's whipping up a few of the treats found in Double-Fine's seasonal RPG Costume Quest. Cannot. Wait.

Gourmet Gaming [Gourmet Gaming, via GameSetWatch]


    Looks good to me

    Sooo.. She makes food found in video games which you can just buy from the supermarket?

    Crazy stuff...all kinds of food that I'd never once consider bringing into the real world like apple pie, strawberry cheese cake, sandwiches, mac and cheese and more standard bakery goods.

    Sorry but what's the point of this? That's like me making a website about wearing clothes found in videogames and then picking games that feature standard real world clothing like The Sims.

      Dude, I got these pants, and they're BLUE! JUST LIKE THE SIMS!

        Blue pants? Get the fuck outta here! I've always wanted a pair of blue pants! You lucky bastard!

          I know right!? Its like I'm really a sim!

          Fucking stupid blog.

          She made a Sandvich. Its a sandwich.

    gratz! you can cook regular food and post it next to a picture of said regular food found in games!

    Ok... i'm actually with the other guys on this one.. there goes 2 minutes of my life that i'll never get back...

    Another load of crap brought to you by the no-hopers at kotaku-usa

      It actually gave me a laugh at how amazingly dumb it is. Next to that, its a waste of internet.

        It's true - The internet, in all it's infancy, has ACTUALLY managed to be wasted by this one site.. my god..

        Seriously - i made a cake the other day, i swear it was inspired by the caked that was promised in portal -nods-


          Jesus Christ indeed. Making a cake like that? It's a gift from the heavenly father himself.

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